P3D v4 Technique for testing/checking textures while painting newer aircraft


Hopefully this is the right forum to ask this. I'm wondering how everyone goes about testing repaints on newer add-on aircraft. In the past, I could use programs like ModelConverterX and AI Aircraft Editor to load complex payware aircraft models to see how the progress of my repaint was coming without firing up the simulator. These programs made it very easy and much less time consuming to test minor tweaks to repaints, as launching the simulator every time is extremely tedious.

I've noticed with newer PBR models (mostly the NGXu), I can't get the textures to load. I assume this is some sort of limitation between MCX and newer PBR techniques. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to quickly load and refresh textures that doesn't involve running and quitting the simulator every time I make a change.



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I edit during an active sim session all the time. Is it too long of a wait to load aircraft? If not, you can simply place a new, or edited texture into an inactive aircraft folder and when you switch to that user vehicle, the new texture will load. I believe this also works if you edit the user vehicle folder, then reload it.


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Reloading the plane or the texture folder often doesn't work for me.

The most reliable way I've found:

1. Options/Graphics/Display
2. Change the Texture Resolution up or down one level (i.e. 2048 x 2048 to 1024 x 1024).
3. Click OK.

Repeat this each time you need to. Next time change it from 1024 x 1024 to 2048 x 2048 (in my example above). Back and forth.

Don't forget to reset this to your desired setting after you finish painting.

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I use the 'Reload Vehicle' or Reload User Aircraft. (Ive forgotten the actual name tag). Its an un-activated key command. I use \ key (right side) and it reloads the aircraft. You can also go to a different plane, let it load, go to exterior and interior, then work on your paint, and reload the scene again with the plane you are painting.

If doing this for testing the aircraft config though, it will not work after a while and you'll probably need to reboot the sim. I think you are good for 12 or 14 reloads of the plane before config settings stop updating.

I think you are good for 12 or 14 reloads of the plane before config settings stop updating.
There's a small problem when using the "Reload_User_Aircraft" key command, which, BTW, I use frequent;y: You MUST have ALL forms of AI turned off. Ships, Ground vehicles, aircraft, you name it, it's got to be off. If you don't do that, there's an increasing probability that it won't update one of the .cfg files. Panel, aircraft, you name it.

It really makes a difference, I've found. Try it, you'll be surprized.

Sorry to intrude. Just wanted to throw that out there. I found it in the ESP Aircraft config "How To" page. I can link it, or quote it, if you like.
Good fortune to all!


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It is really as easy as having two versions of your exact same user vehicle, with slightly different names. Update the repaint, switch vehicle and as they say, volia. Do it again, switch again, no other restraint, or consideration, beyond two almost identical user vehicles.

Or turn off the ai, switch your settings around, get it done within 14 iterations and then along with every one of these, reload the thing anyway.