Tee line offsets

Other than trial and error, how does one determine the position for the Tee offset in a parking spot?

I get that everyone has different traffic models, but is there a utility somewhere or a simple method that can be used to see the distance form the AI that one has installed for the center point of the mdl to the nose gear? I have UTLive installed for P3Dv4 but it requires quite a bit of updating with new models and textures to be complete. I mostly us FAIB, TFS, OSP, AIG, and AIA models. AIG did remodel a lot of the older AI Models of other developers to be P3Dv4 compliant, so not sure if that changed the center point on the models at all (shouldn't have since conversion is mostly LOD work and not rebuilding the entire model).

I just don't want to have to make a random guess at where the Tee offsets would look best and then have to go back and forth between sim and ADE having to close the sim, adjust and recompile ADE, relaunch the sim, ahh shoot I missed it by like 5 feet, close the sim, adjust Tee offset, recompile, reopen sim, there's another type of aircraft in that spot now ... it just seems all rather extremely time consuming and frustrating following that method.

I also use GSX Level 2 so I customize GSX parking to what my flyable fleet is (Carenado Saab 240, Aerosoft CRj700, PMDG 737, CapSim 757, PMDG 777-2, PMDG 747-4, and a random A380 that works fine in P3D while I wait for a well made payware 380) so each and every spot of the correct size is set up for that aircraft. But along with that note, since ADE has the ability to connect to P3D via FSUIPC, is there not an easy way we could see based on where the aircraft is positioned in the sim where the Tee offset line should be placed?

I tried using the Position Markers in ADE with my CRJ -- marked where the plane was when starting at that gate and slewed to where nosewheel was on the T with a 0.0 offset, measured the distance between points and set that as the offset. Problem with this was I first got 30 feet offset, but then when I loaded the sim again, the nosewheel still was another 18 feet up from the line. This makes no sense that a CRJ700 would want a 48 foot offset in a parking spot that is only 39 feet (12 meters) to begin with. Also, since I'm working on a complete redesign of a stock airport, all parking spots have to be adjusted forward or backward so that when I do get the T to a decent spot, the start position needs to still be such that the jetways can operate.

Sorry for the rambeling, just want to be clear what I'm looking for here. this is the only way I know to do this right now, but it will take forever to update a 70 spot airport:
1. load sim with all spots with 0.0 offset
2. mark current aircraft position in ADE with position marker
3. slew aircraft back to where nosewheel is where I want it to be
4. mark the new aircraft position in ADE with position marker
5. Measure distance between markers
6. set offset to distance between markers
7. close sim
8. recompile ADE
9. reopen sim to same spot
10. the T mark is now in a good position, but the aircrafft is still starting too far forward (too far for jetway to work even tho all spots were placed so the jetway icon in ADE is just touching the outside of the green parking radius circle in ADE
11. mark current aircraft position
12 slew aircraft back so nosewheel is on T line
12. mark new position and measure distance
13. move parking position in ADE to align with aircraft position in sim
14. add new measured distance to T line offset
15. close sim
16. recompile ADE
17. reopen sim to same spot
18. hope for the best and if still not correct, go back to step 10

As you can see, doing it that way is very time consuming. I've spent more time trying to get 1 T line to be correct than I did with redesigning the entire airport.


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AFAIK, the offset value of a given aircraft is the same for every parking spot. Therefore find the correct offset value for one spot by trial and error, and then use the same value in all spots designed to park the same plane. Once that is all done, move the spaces so the jetways work properly.