Terrain expert - paid.

Hi, need somebody who is expert in making terrain scenery or at least who knows how to remove bridges over the river.
I Know that this is ancient problem. I read SDK and forum regarding this but at the end I just failed to remove the bridges and finally all became useless to me.
So is there somebody who is willing to sell the "Exclusion rectangle" to me ?
Hope this wont be expensive and please dont do it free to me too.

Please dont provide links to SDK and forum as I said that I read them all through and dont ask me about the stuff I tried to do or not. - I read, I tried..
All BGLs and/or location I can provide via PM only.

Thanks. Edgar.
There was a known problem with pre-accel versions of the SDK WRT handling extrusion bridges, so while I won't link any SDK references for you, I will ask if you're running the most up to date version of the SDK (accel/SP2)? I've seen this before, the problem is the definitions for excluding extrusion bridges are not included in bglcomp.xsd in the early SDK versions, possibly this was fixed at SP1a, I'm not sure, but I know they were missing from the RTM SDK. PM me if you still need help.

Hi Jim and everyone who replied on PM
thank you so much for your offer to help me and for some ideas given, Sure Im using latest versions of every possible versions of simulators and SDKs but if there is no joy - means no joy.. Probably I failed on learning the stuff correctly and it is never late to start all over again.. In this case the time is pushing me hard.
The problem solved Rocket Fast and the "rectangle" has been passed over to me and the work paid off..
Thanks again to everyone..