FSX Terrain Glitches at CYEG

Hi all,
I'm currently starting Edmonton International Airport as my next ADE project, but I'm having an issue with the terrain (stock airport). I've tried flattening it with ADE but to no avail. Could anybody help? See screenshot.


Edmonton International Airport (IATA: YEG, ICAO: CYEG)

Elevation AMSL

2,373 ft / 723 m
53°18′36″N 113°34′46″W





Google Earth 3D mode elevation values

RWY-20: 2341 Ft. AMSL

RWY-02: 2327 Ft. AMSL

RWY Mid-point: 2330 Ft. AMSL

Control Tower: 2342 Ft. AMSL

Regardless of Google Earth's reported 14 Foot difference in RWY elevation end-to-end at CYEG:

In Airport Design Editor (aka "ADE"), all ground areas to be navigated by AI traffic and AI ground vehicles, must be assigned the same altitude value in Meters or Feet to the Airport Reference Point (aka "ARP"), the CVX vector polygons for the airport flatten and background / boundary , and any RWYs / Taxiways ...otherwise AI will not work properly in FS at run time. :pushpin:

The terrain CVX vector polygon types you used for the custom airport grass areas between the taxi-way and the "39th Street East" perimeter roadway NE of the control tower and terminal may also need to have the same elevation assigned as the underlying flatten, airport background / boundary, and any RWYs / Taxiways nearby ...otherwise they will not display properly. :alert:

If you assign the required "identical" elevation to each individual vertex of those custom terrain CVX vector polygons you used for the airport grass areas between the taxi-way and the "39th Street East" perimeter roadway, you should be able to eliminate the terrain anomaly you show in the screenie of your OP above.

If you attach in this thread- or link to- your ADE *.AD4 project file for your CYEG airport modifications, we could better advise you on what might best be done to achieve your desired result. ;)

Hope this helps ! :)

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