Terrains and Gmax: what is/isn't possible?

Hi everybody. I'm new here and maybe I can be a little outdated in may post, so please forgive my inexperience.
In may few free hours I'v tried to develop terrains using SRTM data pictures in grayscale format (made possible with Global Mapper) and gmax. The basic idea was to obtain a detailed mesh to be textured with high resolution images so to overcome the FS 4.8 mt/pixel resolution limit. I must admit that if the idea seemed good, the result is, by now, poor :(
The terrain I'm obtaining with gmax is spikey (due probably to the resolution of the SRTM data picture), but I'm working on some picture retouching to tray and get a softer surface. Does someone have any experience in such a way to obtain photorealistic sceneries?
Thanks for any help.


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This is not really a good way to make terrain. When you make it in GMax you will have to flatten the terrain below to make sure that it displays correct. This flattening can give you a lot of trouble on the border of your area.

Also the terrain you make in GMax is not hard, so you can not land on it, adding checks to make it landable is possible but would probably cost a lot of work and thus frames.

All together I would advice you to stay with the FS techniques of placing photos. If you want a higher resolution for a small area you can place a flat polygon there with the photo, but that only works if you can make that area flat of course.
You will also find that trying to make terrain in Gmax is not good performance-wise nor does the terrain react to lighting in the sim properly compared to default terrain.Hope this helps.