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Test pilot the future for FSX


The website is here.

As far as I can understand, the product isn't yet available and comments like:

TestPilot contains all of the tools required to design and model a complete aircraft utilizing the very same technologies the aircraft manufacturers use. Initial aircraft design begins with NASA's Vehicle Sketchpad (OpenVSP) and is refined to become a full 3D CAD/CAM Parametric B-rep solids based model with full support of DLR CPACS (Common Parametric Aircraft Configuration) aircraft standard taxonomy model. Thermodynamic Engine Modeling as well as electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems modeling. Finite Element Analysis to model wing and control surface displacement. Flight Dynamics and Aerodynamic models created with our "AeroCloud" distributed computing services which generate highly accurate Vortex Lattice, Euler, and Navier Stokes CFD (Computed Fluid Dynamics). Import and export of wind tunnel, flight derived, and computer generated Flight Dynamics and Aerodynamic models supporting industry standards for exchange, AIAA Flight Dynamics Model Exchange Standard AIAA-S-119-2011, and Eurocontrol BADA (Base of Aircraft Data).


For the first time in history, consumers will have full access to the very same avionics software used on commercial airliners. Aircraft manufacturers and Avionics Systems Suppliers will have access to potentially billions of hours of flight testing performed by amateurs before the aircraft leaves the ground for its first actual flight test. Airlines will have access to millions of potential commercial pilot trainees.

and its overall style certainly give me cause for thought.


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We'll just need to wait and see... this is to be a browser-based flight sim. Apparently we'll be able to convert/import scenery from FSX or P3d.



FSDevConf team
interesting. It sounds like they are looking to implement a similar model as cloud gaming services like OnLive and Gaikai. Seeing how those are meeting with success I can only hope these devs have the chops to pull it off as well. Imagine being able to hold a motion-sensing tablet in your hands and move it around to steer your airplane. Graphics would look just as good as a desktop. Cool stuff.
The "wide open window" MS left with its rejection to continue "Flight Siming" and devoting to "Flight Games" is already giving others the opportunity to develop better sims.....I hope this gets the ball rolling. Interesting project.....