Texture Differences

I have no experience in aircraft in FSX so with that in mind:
Why are some of my AI aircraft's textures smothering together when looked at far away/from an angle (behavior similar to bgl scenery objects) while others don't and instead just flicker? Hopefully you can see what's happening in the image: (The Frontier is flickery while the Wow is smudgy)

Update: I've noticed that "smudgy" textures are 5.33 mb while "flickery" textures are 4.00 mb. However I do not know what is responsible for the difference in texture storage size as they all are 2040 by 2040.
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It's the mipmaps, the flickery textures have none.
How would one go about getting rid of the mipmaps/converting them to flickery textures? Do I just uncheck the "include when saving" under the mipmaps thing in DXTBMP and replace the texture? Update: Yes
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