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FSX:SE Texture Help needed: very confused

Ive recently gone through some rough times with setting up some static aircraft on my airports.
I've gotten some good help from the people here, and have so far succeeded.
The problem I'm running into now, I'm placing models through ADE at airports. When I load the airport on FSX they are there but black. I'm getting an error message saying "Scenery Read Error. Attempting to open nonexistent directory: texture.....
I get lots of them...
I've read lots of forums and have textures for aircraft in texture folders.
I have texture folders in FSX, in addon scenery and texture folders for the specific airports
So at this point, I'm very confused.
Do I have too many folders, too many textures, I just can't figure it out.
Please Help


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First off,... how were the models placed within ADE? Give us an idea of the file structure (such as: the bgls files and the locations of the textures that are involved) used.
I went through lists:models and went through the procedure on adding the model to that list
Then went to a parking spot, right clicked, add, model, and placed the model in the spot.
The .bgl files are placed in both scenery folders FSX/scenery AND in the airports scenery folder
The textures are placed the same way


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Both Scenery folders... try to be a little more specific....

The only Scenery folder that you should add to is: "Addon Scenery" directory... under "scenery" directory and the "texture".


If you wish to add/create a scenery folder,... "Your Scenery" folder with "scenery" and "texture" directories within it. This method you will need to add it to "Scenery Library" within the settings menu within FS.

You do not need to place them in 2 locations or directories at all,... only 1 of the above location methods.
What I meant by both folders is, in the addon scenery folder....a folder labeled scenery and in the folder for the airport labeled scenery.

So just need to add the .bgl files to the scenery folder and the textures to the texture folder?....also, where do the XML files go? Or do they go anywhere?


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The XML file is not needed. But you should keep it as backup, along with the ad4 file.
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