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FS2004 Texture problem with FS2000 aircraft for use as a static in FS2004

I've tried searching for an answer, but I'm not sure what the question should be!
I've got an old DC-4 designed for FS2000 with DC4.0af DC4.1af DC4.2af etc. textures that I'd like to use as a static device in a little FS2004 scenery I'm setting up, but when I run the original through ModelConverterX the texture names expected by the new model all get changed to DC4.BMP, so the new model doesn't display as textured, though seems perfectly acceptable in other respects.
I'll mention at this point that the original model loads and displays fully textured, it's only the resultant model that I'm having a problem with.
I'll also note that I'm familiar with converting these old-style textures to "modern" DXT formats with 'mips' etc., so I've no problem there.
I have managed to "frig" things, using a hex editor on the original model file and renaming the original texture files appropriately, but it's all a little long-winded and prone to mistakes, so if there's a setting somewhere I've missed which would use the original texture file names and make the procedure a little more straightforward, I'd appreciate a heads-up :)

Normally on export texture names don't change. Did you manually convert them to BMP in MCX while converting the model? I would expect the 0AF names to remain. FS2004 can still read those R8 t textures as well if I remember correctly.
Thanks for the prompt reply.
I haven't converted anything ... having just downloaded v1.6 (just in case my older version needed updating!) the only parameters I've set are the appropriate paths to MakeMDL etc.
I use ModelConverterX only rarely and if the original aircraft has .bmp textures there's no problem, but if the textures for the input aircraft have the same name but multiple suffixes, ModelConverterX seems to generate the output model with all .bmp suffixes, so every texture reference within the output model is effectively to the same (non-existent) .bmp file.
As you say, FS2004 has no problem with R8 textures ... I'll usually convert them to DXT after the event once I'm happy with the result, but having to re-name 14 files and change all the references in the original .mdl file to match is just a bit of a nuisance.
If there's no setting in ModelConverterX that I've overlooked then I'll continue as I am ... it's not a big deal, but if there was a check-box somewhere saying "Keep Original Texture Suffix" that I'd not found it would make life easier ;)
Let me try to export a model with 0af textures and see if they are turned into BMP.

MakeMDL does this automatically on export to the MDL file, it renames all textures to BMP. But I can see that indeed leads to issues, since typically the 0AF, 1AF, etc. textures all have the same name, but the extension is different. When they are all renamed to BMP you get conflicting names. I guess I should add something in the material editor to rename them to unique names. So that model.0AF becomes model_0.bmp, model.1AF becomes model_1.bmp, etc.
Thanks for looking into this :)
It can't be a major issue if no-one else has mentioned it, so, for the odd occasion I need to I'll manage with the hex-editor.
Obviously, if you wish to update the program "for the sake of completeness" the result would be welcome, but there's really no rush ... I was just interested to know if I'd managed to miss a setting somewhere.
Thanks again :)
I guess not too many people are converting FS98/FS2000 aircraft anymore nowadays, it's only with those 0AF, 1AF textures nowadays. That's the only situation when you will hit it.

Instead of using a hex editor, you can also rename all textures in the material editor before export to have unique names, so that when MakeMDL changes the extension it is not meshed up anymore.
Thank you :)
Some FS98/2000 aircraft have quite nice texturing, so can be ideal as a "static shape" without being too heavy on the model detail.
Knowing where to start was always the problem when using a tool as comprehensive as MCX ... the material editor is an aspect I've not looked into.
I'm usually quite good at reading instructions and help files, so I'll press on with that next time I need it :)


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Does this DC-4 have a unique livery? If not, you could use one of the later versions that uses BMP textures.
There is an old tool called M98toBgl which made static models out of FS98 ones (via SCASM). Not sure whether FS2000 models work or not. You can download the last available version 3.41 from:
Sounds like you still need to do some work to do the conversion. See discussions here:
Thanks ... MCX does a perfect job in a couple of clicks and gives me an FS2004 scenery library type model which I can place accurately and easily with EZ-Scenery ... I was just having a bit of a problem with the texture file naming conventions.
Does this DC-4 have a unique livery? If not, you could use one of the later versions that uses BMP textures.
Not so much a case of "unique livery" (though if you know of a picture of the Trans Atlantic Airways DC4 in good condition I'd be interested to see it) but using a model of minimal yet sufficient detail so's a static looks fine in passing without risking any significant frame-rate problems.
My interpretation of EBGG Overboelare in UT Europe as part of my ongoing "Airstrips of Western Europe" project.
Any of the DC-4s before Jens’ model are quite frame rate friendly. There is a trans Atlantic dc4 on this page.

It’s the same livery as the one sitting at that airport. Look at the tail pic on this page.

Excellent! Thanks for the effort :)
If ever I get to the point I want that much detail I'll have something to work from.