Textures for FSX

Ok...I was getting pretty good with creating aircraft for FS9. Now, with the new FSX tools, I am back at square 1. How do I add textures to the models in 3ds Max and how do I convert them. Is there a tutorial or a SDK out there just for this subject?
The SDK comes on disk 1 of FSX Deluxe. There will be a SDK SP1 update available.... hopefully soon from FSinsider.com. The update will have documentation on materials for FSX models.
FSX Deluxe version comes with a SDK that contains tools for creating & texturing FSX models using 3DS MAX 7 & 8. You can find the SDK on FSX Disk 1 I believe.

After installing the SDK follow the instructions for installing the MAX plugins. That will give MAX the ability to export X files. It also allows it to use DDS texture files.

The SDK comes with a texture tool named ImageTool. Its okay & will do the job but if you use Photoshop there's a really nice plugin by NVIDIA that'll let you create DDS files directly in Photoshop. That can be found here:


The initial version of the SDK is a little sketchy (there's an improved one in the works apparently) so after reading the SDK guides, you might want to surf these forums for clarification on some stuff. Good luck.
Anyone know what "these required .dlls" are and where to get them if you prefer Paint Shop Pro??;)
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The Nvidia link above has another link in the text regarding using paint shop and the photshop dlls.

"If you're using Jasc Paint Shop Pro, read these simple instructions that explain how to use the DDS Authoring plug-in with. "

The instructions for using the plug-in with PSP tell you to download the plug-in and "these required DLLs" which don't appear to be there. I think that's what N400QW was referring to above.

As a PSP user I too got excited about the possibility of creating DDS files with PSP using the Photoshop plugin.
Unfortunately the reference seems to be rather old and there are no .dlls around (nor are they specified). I spent some time Googling all over trying to track the "magic" solution but to no avail.

Rick Piper has suggested saving the file in DXTbmp as DXT5 DDS with mips which has worked for him in FSX.

I haven't as yet tried that.
It seems you need to get a older version of the Nvidia plug-in; the one on Nvidia's site is too recent. From Corel's knowledge base: "Paint Shop Pro supports the Adobe PhotoShop 5 plugin specification. Any plugin filter made with this specification should function fine with Paint Shop Pro products. If the plugin was made with a later PhotoShop plugin specification, then it may not function with Paint Shop Pro products."

For use with PSP9 I dowloaded version 1, 0, 0, 1 of the "dds.8bi" here: http://www.bhmotorsports.com/download/3897. I have, however, not been able to find a similar older version of the "NormalMapFilter.8bf".

One other thing, though: it may not work if you put it in a sub-folder within the plugin-folder, even if you check the "use subfolder" option within the preferecenses/file location dialogue. Put it directly into the plugin-folder.

Hi Peter
Many thanks indeed for the link. I have downloaded it, and of course became concerned regarding the description on the site about needing .dlls, and then realised that was part of the original sites description.

I use PSP7 and so created a "plugin" folder and placed the dds.8bi file in there. Fired up PSP and voila, I was able to save my .bmp file as a .dds file!

Works just fine.

I would like to recommend to you and others, the "WTV DDS file viewer" which is also on the nVidia site as a free zip file. I installed it and associated my .dds file to it. Works a treat for viewing any .dds.

Thanks again