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Got my proverbial lightning bolt by being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes on my way to work.

Still, why the heck is it too hard to first glance over the forum layout before posting?!


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He did glance over the forum payout, in order to decide which of the several sub forums to spam with the exact same post.
Bjoern :

If you have not (yet) had your posting privileges revoked, please exercise the option to remove the offensive and inappropriate profanity from your post above. :alert:


I do, however, agree it is a recurring issue (read: problem) with novice developers that they post in forums which are not most appropriate for their topic. :stirthepo

In other cases, when they do not receive replies to their queries within the forum actually appropriate for their topic, they apparently become impatient, and begin posting essentially duplicate queries on the same topic into "General Chat" or other unrelated forums in an apparent attempt to elicit a reply, more replies, or replies that may be more 'comprehensible' to them, when it also seems likely that 'written' English is a second language for them.

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Most people need to start somewhere, so I wouldn't expect everyone to be a forum expert from the beginning. Much better to simply educate than abuse. Most would only need to be told once:
Have a look for an appropriate subforum;
Don't post the same thing more than once;
...and my main issue, which the OP hasn't done here -- start a new thread if you have an issue, don't add to an existing 'similar' thread!

On the forum I help moderate, I normally shift some threads, remove duplicates, or combine duplicates if there has been replies to more than one. I have also been know to separate out new posts from dead threads. I know it's a nuisance, but as I said, if you let the poster know what has happened and why, they learn pretty quick.


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Yes Bjoern, thanks for removing the profanity. Please don't do it again.

And Alex, please follow Bjoern's advice and post in the appropriate forum.
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