P3D v4 textures will not stay on an object

Placed a static plane. Mapped the textures with MCX. (had previous version now deleted), compiled showed up fine. copied and pasted to have two planes side by side. all shows well. Later added two more objects nearby. compiled In the game new stuff shows great but the two previous planes are now black.
Redid the textures to the plane, using MCX and compiled - in game... shows great. Went back to ADE and moved the other two objects into new locations. compiled went back in game... shows fine EXCEPT planes are black again!

I even renamed and reset with a new guid number for the plane. Same results. Why? How to fix?


Resource contributor
You probably have those planes in FS twice, once without textures. It's rather random which one FS picks, and that's what you are seeing - sometimes with textures, sometimes without.
Tom -thanx. I ahve the plane sitting on the tarmac in the same scenery... either both are black or both are mapped with textures. Redo
Tom- I figured this out. One or both items caused this.

1. model name had a hyphen in the name whereas it should be an underscore instead.

2. I mapped the textures after I loaded and place the model in ADE. I'd open my obj file into MCX, map and export scenery. works BUT once yo change or add to the obj or even get out of game and back in... It doesn't know what I did in MCX So- back to basic black.

What I did is to open the model in MCX first, map the textures FROM my scenery\texture folder, export back to where I keep my mdls and overwrite. THEN- add that model in ADE (getting rid of the other one of course) place and compile. Problem solved.

I just forgot my correct procedure. You did help eliminate some possibilities which i thank yo for and Mike Dews in the UK did the same. Thanx to ya both. (Psssssst...... I really think I just didn't hold my tongue right while doing this. hahaha)