Texturing Compound Objects


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I have made an object and textured it. I then put some "holes" in it by creating another object and forming a compund object between the two and subtracting the second object from the first.

Now I want to modify the texture mapping on the original object but I can't. The stack does not show my original modifers just "boolean".

Is there a way of accessing the original object stack or must I retexture?



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You can have the texture applied, then collapse everything to a mesh. However, I think you have gone too far and will need to apply the texture map again.
you can modify the textures still

I'd convert to edit mesh or edit polygon and then place a new uvunwrap modifier on top of the stack, select your polygon, and click on "edit".
thanks for you replies - I ended up selectively re-applying the multi-material texture.

I never convert to mesh - what is the benefit of doing so? Am I missing a trick here ?
Use of edit mesh conversion..

You should play with this and explore the differences.

If you apply a uv map, and then want to change the geometry, doing so by entering the subobject menus with a Lower stack "edit mesh" option, will disturb your uv map texture assignments. Adding a new "edit mesh" modifier on top of the uv map will allow your edit without disturbing the texture assignment.

You can always add additional uvunwrap modifiers on top of that as well, its not adding overhead to the actual compile.

I've recently found advantages to using "edit polygon" over "edit mesh". The polygon menus are based on a quadralaterial subelement, the mesh menus are based on a triangular subelement. commands like "cut edge" in edit mesh I find to be intermittent...frustrating. In edit polygon, you can divide an edge in edge subelement mode, and create a new edge in the same menu, and the operation is highly reliable.

Anyway...have fun, most of this kind of stuff only makes sense after you experiement. Make some simple models, give em some texture assignments, and play with these ideas....use what pleases you, ignore the rest!


Bob Bernstein