Texturing question

Hi, as a newbee in scenery design so is there a lot of things to learn.
Hope that someone can give me a quick answer on this one.

I'm modelling a sailplane hangar at my local field, the hangar is in yellow corrugated metall on the sides and a black corrugated roof.

Is it possible to texture this object from two different "sets" of textures ?
I have made a UW mapping ,like the tutorial in MS SDK (the house) , and here is all the textures on the same BMP map.
What I try is to get "roof" from one texture and the "sides" from another, but when doing it this way the whole hangar changes by wich BMP used. :confused:

One idea that popped into my head late last evening, not been able to test it out yet, is that maybee i have to "explode" of the roof from the basic box that my hangar is made of and texture it as a plane instead .. Are I on the correct path in this assuption or shall I do it in another way ?

Pls before i start to :banghead:


Try this solution.

Take a Photo of the black roof tin, same for the wall !

From the photo, crop each down to a single sheet of tin ( this way you know its size by width in the real world ), now, knowing that a sheet is 1.2 meters wide and your building is 7.2 meters long , make a new image that will be 6 x wider than your cropped photo image, copy and paste the yellow sheet 6 times to give you the wall.Merge all layers ! and save . Do the same for the roof ! resize both new images to 512 x 256.

Create a new image 512x512, next cut and paste as a New Layer into the 512x512 image for both potos.

You will have half as yellow tin and half as black tin and should represent the wall or roof section of your building.

Merge all layers ! and save as tinshed.bmp ( for example ).

Then in Gmax, map the applicable parts to your surfaces and remember to convert a copy of your finished texture to DXT1 format for FS9 !

hope this makes sense.

rgds Jeff
While Jeffs way is preferable, you can also map two different textures on the same object.

When you select your object, convert it to editable mesh. Then select the polygon tool (looks like a box on the right hand side of the dropdown), select the polygon you want to map and then click on your material editor and select new. Find your texture and then re-map that polygon to the new texture.

Some examples:


Hi JeffS and Maceo

Thanks for the advice, back to the computer and start testing...

By the way if I go for the solution JeffS talking about, shall I do the full length of the hangar (55 meters, eg 46 "sheets") before I shring it to 512x256 px so the proportions is kept when the texture is applied to the object ?