P3D v3 TFDi Design 717

Hi all,

This is a project I've been involved with for over 4 years now and we're finally nearing the end. My role over the past 2 1/2 of those years has been to transform the cockpit into something authentic and usable in-sim. The original cockpit was done by two other artists. While they did a fantastic job, they did not capture many of the colors and details of the plane correctly (we also didn't have very good reference when we started). Some of the more noteworthy parts that I've built from scratch are the autopilot panel/glareshield area, center console, tiller wheel, MCDUs, throttles, speedbrake handle, and all knobs on the overhead. Besides those, I've made various major and minor mesh/texture enhancements to most parts of the cockpit (dirt/wear on the overhead, for example).

Stunning. As a longtime sim flyer of MD-jets, this is my number one most anticipated upcoming release [of 2016, right?]! ;) Great work to you, Brandon, and then entire TFDI team! You da real MVPs!
Hey Hughes-MDflyer4, I was interested to know if the Autobrake was going to be added to the overhead beside the Antiskid.

Attached is an example of a 717 that used to fly into LHR that I worked on a few times