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I hope this kind of thread is acceptable in General Chat. If not, please feel free to move or delete it. I just feel compelled to post my thanks to all of you that have developed and support the various tools that enable me to update FSX so it's more realistic for my locality. And to those of you that take the time to help me work through issues I have come across. You are all invaluable to me and I am very grateful for what you do. I never really introduced myself when I registered here so this is a short biography. My name is Vance. I am an old retired guy now but I grew up wanting to be a pilot and astronaut. I took flight training at KSPI in the Cessna 152 pictured in my avatar. I will tell you that its a thrill being in a Cessna in the same airspace as F-16s. KSPI had F-4 Phantoms before the F-16s. Flying made me feel totally free. Years ago I lost my medical. This June I got into flight sim. Shortly thereafter I found the development portion. I decided to learn how to make updates to recreate the world I grew up in. So I am currently working on upgrading three local airports. KPIA ( where I now live), KBMI and KSPI. I plan to keep expanding the radius of airports to upgrade as I go along. Hopefully this will keep me busy and help keep my mind sharp. So far I have been able to recreate the 152 in my avatar, update the panel to make it IFR ready, make some updates to the stock airports I mentioned and populate those airports with accurate aircraft. You guys have helped enormously to make that possible for me.

So once again, THANK YOU ALL!!!!

I am an old retired guy now but I grew up wanting to be a pilot and astronaut
A lot of us are retired and wanted to be a pilot!
The former happened a lot in the meantime but for many of us the latter did not and the ones you meet here ended up in a variety of different ways of making their living.
But I guess that the majority did not manage to get rid of their childhood dreams and now finally found a way to realize some of it (instead of gluing together some Revell or Airfix models).
I am not sure but the average age of us here maybe slightly older than you are (I am:().
Upgrading these airports will more than keep your mind sharp.
It will probably mean you will not give enough attention to your wife (and children if you have one or both) and other social contacts!
Remember it is only a virtual world and if you want to really get into development, it will mean a lot to learn also.
Just a warning from someone slightly older and many years ago gotten addicted to it.
Hey, It sounds like We may have a Lively Group started here ! I'm 82, a many times re treaded A&P Mechanic, and have been HOOKED Since FS 9, Probably 20 Years ! And Yes it does keep You Young ( "Ish" ) ! Mainly concentrating on Upgrading Airplanes, Scenery, and Airports ! Learning to fly Helicopters . I Fly mostly in the Pan Handle of Alaska, and NE Ohio, where I live ! Currently I am Working My way through Adam Howes. Aircraft Design Guide, for Flight Sim Design Studio 3.5 . I did this Tutorial Years ago, But crashed on the Virtual Cockpit. ( Instrument Panel :rolleyes: ). This time I think that I can beat it !! I've also been way into 3ds Max, and Gmax ! Can't seem to get the hang of Blender ?? But I'll Probably try it again ! What's Your Current Projects, or are You just puddle jumping Like Me ! Gimmee a Super Cub, and a Coast line and Watch Me Go !! - Johnman
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nice group ! I learn at an TV document in Germany from Mike Collins (Apollo11 - Columbia 1 and Gemmini ) that you must have a very good trim of the plane and the best is to fly the stick with 3 fingers !
Thank you Mike !! Happy landings !! - Bernd


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Enjoy recreating your world. I did that for my airport (Sacramento Municipal) and aircraft in the early 1960s and it took off and we ended up creating an entire world. :)

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