Thanks to all here at FSdeveloper.

Good morning,
I would not be where I am in developing scenery without this site, without the help of many who offered advice (quite patiently), and equally as important, I would not be here without the inspiration that so many people provided by posting their work here. It made me believe that I could contribute as well. My sincere thanks to all here at FSDeveloper. I am now making available the first of 2 sets of sceneries. South Bimini & Cat Cay.
Gman, Japanese curry? You must share recipes.
Click on the link below :)

I should probably revise the (recipe) content.
I have made curries dozens of times since I posted the page (by request), however the recipe is a good basic primer.
Over a couple of years I have collected a variety of curry powders and seasonings, (they are not expensive to buy and last a long time), and in doing so the possible combinations have evolved beyond "Japanese" style curry.
And, what to do with leftovers is a whole new conversation.

I spend a lot of time on the road eating fast food and hotel restaurant food. You know how it is when you're thinking about what you want to eat when you get home? It is probably good that I don't live in an apartment building, I would probably drive my neighbors nuts in one way or another when I get a chance to cook. You either like the smell of curry cooking, or you don't. :duck:

At any rate, I was recently asked by my son to jot down my current techniques, so when I do I will copy it over to you in a PM. :teacher:

Cheers and well done on your scenery project.


Resource contributor
Curry! Yum! Gordon you have forced my hands with your "Curry Commentaries" and I shall now have to fix the Gormeh Sabzi (Iranian Lamb Curry) I've been salivating about for the past two weeks. :rotfl:
Wow Fr. Bill.
What a coincidence. I just finished washing the dishes from by best spicy pork shoulder curry ever, inspired by talking about it here.

While I was prepping the vegetables I was listening to my playlist of pipe organ music, I was just in the mood. The first tune which came on was your recording of Dorian Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 538. :scratchch

You just never know where the next special secret curry ingredient will come from, but next time I make spicy pork curry, I'll break out the pipe organ playlist again! :D
Woah I never saw thoses pics before and it looks stunning !

I wish I could make some such good looking gp’s, i’m still struggling with ADE and MCX without knowing how to manage them properly while everyone tell me that it’s really easy ..!
So right now i’m avoiding the problem by working on grass Airfield :duck: