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If you stumbled into this forum you might be wondering what kind of tool gPoly is. I have to disappoint you at this moment, since gPoly is at the moment only an idea for a new tool and I would like to use this forum to sharpen the requirements and functionalities of this future tool a bit more.

gPoly is the working name for a new tool that will assist in the construction of ground polygons. I have two ideas coming together here, let me explain.

The first one is that for the NL2000 project I made a custom tool to create the ground polygons at Schiphol airport based on GIS data we had access to. What did tool did was take the data in a specific Dutch projection and then convert to SCASM source file to place them in FS. Currently we are working on Schiphol again for the next version of the project and I am planning to update the tool.

The second idea is a tool to help with the ASM tweaking that is now required for ground polygons. I once started with making some GUI, but that tool got stuck afterwards.

Since I know want to update the first tool anyway, I thought it might be possible to combine the two ideas and make one tool for ground polygons. So that is what the discussion in this forum will be about and that should result in a tool called gPoly (or whatever the final name will be). I am looking forward to your inputs.
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