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The idea for this thread came in one of the other discussions, so let's give it a try.

In this thread you can post the project you are working on. This might prevent another designer from starting on the same airport. But maybe it can also result in sharing of information or other things (I don't know how well this is going to work either :D).

And please don't start bugging the person who posted his project here with questions about release dates etc. Give them the time to finish their project. This thread is just to give other designers a idea of what others are doing.

I will monitor this thread. Maybe we need to make different threads for parts of the world if it becomes a chaos. But for now we will just see how it develops :).


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OK, to start:

For the Netherlands 2000 Scenery Project I am working on the following general aviation airfields:

EHAL - Ameland
EHDR - Drachten
EHHO - Hoogeveen
EHOW - Oostwold
EHST - Stadskanaal (Vledderveen)
EHTX - Texel

And for the EHAM Schiphol scenery of NL2000 I am working on some special objects (mainly the docking systems at the moment).

The last project I am working on (although it has not really started properly) is a historical Schiphol scenery spanning the time from 1916 to 1940. If anyone has information about Schiphol in that era please let me know.
I'm working on (or at least try to) a freeware alternative to

EDDB (Berlin Schoenefeld, 50% done)

from the German Airports, because I hated to see the GAP-users to taxi beside the taxiways - and thyo blamed me to do the same. ;)

Edit: Done!

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And I am working on:

CYYC - Calgary (90% done)
CYEG - Edmonton (70% done)
CYYJ - Victoria (10% done)

MDCR - Cabo Rojo, DR (99% done)
MYX6 - Oakes Field, Bahamas (5% done)
Hokay, this is the area my scenery covers (all our own mesh laid down)

The airports it covers include:

Completed - NZCH (Christchurch International)
00% done - NZWG (Wigram Airfield (Old Airforce base))
00% done - NZFF (Forest Field)
00% done - NZRT (Rangiora)
00% done - NZWL (West Melton)
00% done - NZP1 (Private field (Swannanoa))

All these I have already done, but they are long overdue for a re-vamp so thats why I putting them in here :)


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I am working on......

I am working on the War Eagles Museum and airport at Santa Teresa New Mexico. The runways and taxiways aren't too bad, so mainly it is the buildings, parking and traffic. I also need some WW2 planes repainted to match what is in the museum. (any volunteers welcome!)

My other project is the Texas Hill Country. I am using the Austin mesh, which is pretty good, but redoing Landclass, roads and rivers, and redoing the Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Tierra Linda and Silver Wings airports. Very few problems with this project...thanks to SBuilder. My lake and riverbanks could stand some improvement. I am seriously thinking about using Autogen Annotator to improve the appearance of the City of Kerrville.


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I'm using GSHHS shoreline data to replace the default LWM data used in CFS2. Should be a better masking base to use for that sim. In some areas it is better than FS9's default shorelines.. in other cases, worse.

The "tiles" are LOD2 in size, so it does have some challenges... and there are 96 tiles.

Ontario Airports

Adam Bentley and I are currently working on the following airports for Ontario.

CYQK - Kenora
CYSP - Marathon
CYXZ - Wawa

These are about 85% done, we just need to iron out a few problems.

CanUK Scenery.
Several Custom Builds
HMAS Melbourne
Victoria State , Australia with VFR Objects ( remenicant of the Melborne Scenery for FS95/98 ).
Bass Straight Oilrigs
Australian Lighthouses

thats enough for the moment lol

My current project is...

LIPV Nicelli. A small airport in Venice, Italy.
Two years ago this airport was included in LIPZ & LIPV by ISD Project.
Now, in order to enhance realism, I work to a new version of LIPV that include orthophoto and all new 're-modeled' objects. I aim to recreate the same 'real effect' of LIDA Asiago.
But work is hhhhard...
ALoha Claudio Grassi :stirthepo
Draw a line from ESNF - ESNH - ESNY - ESUY and back to ESNF!

Whole area within and some around. Roads, lakes, streams, farms. The lot.

More info on FS Addon.


I am currently working on

historic harbour of Willemstad, including the floating bridge, Curacao,
SABA (haven't done much yet)
Groningen(city in the netherlands), complete city including a roadplan.
Phoenix area

I'm working on a massive Phoenix photoreal project. That project is on hold a bit until I'm done with the program I'm creating to replace Annotator for creating autogen. Unfortunately, a huge photoreal area looks very flat without adding autogen to the thousands of tiles you build. Using Microshaft's lousy Annotator program would put me in surgery for carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Art Martin
Right now I have two projects going . I am working on a little private air field for my friend in Ill. "Olson field " LL-53. and the other one is a project for Misty fjords. It is a little store 'McGregor's Outpost" currently I am having trouble with Gmax and designing the log cabin. I dont have a time frame for this one. Olson field is all most done. so may be putting that up soon on the net.

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