The KLN90B for FSX/Prepar3d in beta.

Morning All !!
I have removed all Il-76 and PT airplanes and started from scratch: reinstalled PT 154 first, tested and FPL was somehow imported. Installed Il-76, updated KLN90 gauge DLL manually to ver.0.79B, deleted the kln90b.dll file from airplane Panel directory (so that the kln90b.dll file in the Gauge directory is used instead), all loaded on FSX, FPL still present. Completed flight, started new FSX session, loaded a new FPL on FSX, tried to transfer to KLN90..... blank FPL. No transfer. What the heck is going on here ?
I need your help, can you please confirm which channel KLN uses to draw info such as FPL from FSX ? Is this thru Simconnect or FSUIPC ? or none ? @Dutch @ce_zeta @Gabor hrasko any help on this please, I love to fly these russian planes, I did this in the last 6 years, since I replaced the laptop with Win10, no hope and this is killing me !
Gents your support and suggestion is really appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Sorry I can't be of great help here, i'm just a basic user happy because it's working. Flying in fsx and Windows 10 PC. Just a question have you a Kln90 folder in the root directory of fsx ? it's is created when installing the gauge.
As said I can't say more, no special installation or tricks, just installed and deleted the duplicated file from panel.

About Johnla post and question, it seem as if the Gauge itself is faulty. Don't know if it could be a compatibility issue ?, don't know nothing about p3d 4, someone could say.


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I am running P3D 4.1 on Windows 10 64bit.

Any help greatly appreciated.
John, this gauge is compiled as 32bit and will work only in a 32bit sim such as FSX or P3Dv1, 2, 3.
It will not work at all in P3D v4.x which is a 64bit sim
Dear All !

I am trying to update the navigation database for KLN90B (any versions including last one - 0.79B) in P3D v.3.4 but all five dat- files are empty at the end ! The same updating procedure for FSX works excellent. It seems that KLN90B is not able to locate the navigation data in P3D. Finally I copied five dat-files created for FSX into P3D and KLN90B works but I prefer to update them in P3D directly.

Any comments and ideas are very appreciated !

Thanks !
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I have a different issue and would appreciate some guidance/suggestions.

The simulator is FSX:Acceleration(Boxed) and I have had the KLN90B v0.79B installed for at least 6 months with no problem. I use the EATD KLN-90B data format provided by a Navigraph subscription for up to date procedures. Last week I installed a beta IL-62 for FSX and encountered problems with updating my KLN. Thinking the new aircraft was the problem (as it likely used an earlier version), I reinstalled the KLN-90B via the package posted here. However, I am unable to load any sort of database into the gauge. Upon immediately starting up the gauge (from a fresh install, no PTT_xxx.dat files) I am presented with the following screen showing "Database Critical Error" and the current date. After exiting this screen the unit appears to operate normally without any database. Using SET 0 to update the database has the entire simulator CTD at 50% progress. Sometimes I've gotten it to 53% if I disable the ILS data. After the crash, all PTT_xxx.dat files appear to be populated with correct information. There is no users.dat, no fpls.dat, and no debug.dat (which I have defined).
Considering the recent inop status, and reading through the thread, I suspect that some navigation updates to FSX might be partially at fault.

How much of the Navigraph data is used by this gauge, and how much info is loaded directly from the sim .bgl's? I ask this because probably the most relevant changes I have made including a few addon airports, but more importantly I have updated the navaid/ILS data for several regions of the world that were previously lacking (Russia, China etc...). I also have a CONUS 4-Course "Radio Range" network (they're mostly coded as NDB's with co-located Marker Beacons). Are these PTT files loaded with Navigraph data, or sim data? Could this be the cause of my recent CTD's? Or has something changed in Windows that has made this gauge INOP?

Thanks in advance guys!

KOHLSMAN=1 ; Do we read the Altimeter settings?
APHDG=1 ; Do we drive the AP heading in HDG mode with NAV/GPS on GPS?
OBSIN=1 ; Do we read the NAV1 OBS setting?
OBSOUT=0 ; Can we set the NAV1 OBS setting?
AIRDATA=0 ; Can we read air data from the interface?
FUEL=0 ; Can we read fuel data from the interface?

FONT=0 ; 0=Lucida Console (default) 1=Terminus (must be installed on box)
NAVDATA=2 ; Navigation data package number (0-4)
; 0: no external navigation database
; 1: traditional PTT database (no transitions)
; 2: "EADT KLN 90B" pack
; 3: "PSS Airbus/Boeing/Dash" pack
; 4: "vasFMC Flight Management" pack
NAVDIR=C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\KLN90B\NavData ; Navigation data directory
RUNWAYS=1 ; 0=load only hard surface runways, 1=all runways
ILSFREQ=1 ; 0=do not load ILS frequency data, 1=load ILS frequencies

LOGFNAME=C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\KLN90B\debug.dat ; Debug file name. Comment out if no debug is needed.
EDIT: Just tried disabling the Radio Range system... no change.
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I would like to follow the route to an autopilot written in xml. Is there an xml variable that can be added to the code?

I've got what I think is a "working" installation of the PT KLN-90B v.079B ;)

I wanna give my solutions and findings to hopefully help others with the problem, and the off chance that it can help the developers in finding a solution. My simulator is FSX:A Boxed running in Windows 10x64.
My problem... I think....lies with PTT_APT.DAT. Attempts to build that file and load it cause a CTD upon reception of GPS location (I.E. upon exit of the Database Update prompt, immediately before I resolve a PPOS). I've used v076b to build the required .DAT files, then ended up deleting PTT_APT.DAT. I get a "Database Critical Error" upon loading v079B. And both v077B and v079B both CTD during database building (v077B just straight up CTD upon reception of a PPOS)... I assume in trying to compile PTT_APT.DAT. For some reason v076b can build the databases, but can only see the airport information, while the subsequent versions cannot load the APT information, but can see VOR and INT. All can read NDB. I've found that if I acknowledge the Database Critical Error, but then make no attempt to Update Database, I get no CTD! I also have no PTT_APT.DAT in my FSX/KLN90B folder.

While this leaves me with no SID/STAR, it does allow me to use NavData information for Direct To and FPLN. I've also found that the official documentation depicts all file locations in the KLN90B.CNF in all capital letters. This appeared to help in at least letting v076B create a database, even if that version could not use it!
Is there any chance that the wonderful KLN90B goes 64Bit?
KLN90B runs on Windows x64!
Only need to update the database in the simulator installed on x86 with the file kln90b.dll version 0.77 b.
Then just transfer the XXX_XXX.DAT files to the KLN90B folder of the simulator on Windows x64.
Tested on in Windows 10 x64 with file kln90b.dll both version 0.77 b and version 0.79 b and PT Tu-154B-2 aircraft.
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