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MSFS Thoughts about the 3rd-party helicopter add-ons?

Firstly, note that I definitely don't want to insult anyone's feelings. I just want to discuss this from a technical, software engineering point of view. I have the deepest respect for the skills of the two developers/teams that have managed to produce helicopter add-ons for MSFS in its current state. I.e. the H135 and the Bell 47G. Also, I very much understand that both products have or will have many very satisfied users. A common feeling among the end-user community seems to be something like "you said you don't support helicopters but these leet modders did it anyway, haha, take that Asobo".

But. As we know, it isn't just empty talk that MSFS wouldn't support helicopters. There really is no way to describe a helicopter in the aircraft and flight model configuration files. (Or any way to properly describe aircraft in general that differ too much in configuration of aerodynamic surfaces etc from the "normal" single wing in the middle of the fuselage, up to four engines, single tail.)

So how have these developers then managed to produce helicopters that even behave as helicopters? Well, I don't know, but what I am worried about is that they are intentionally "misusing" corner cases in the configurations. In other words, are they essentially taking advantage of bugs in MSFS that allow aircraft with "pathological" behaviour to work, more or less by accident, by creating operating conditions for the simulator that are outside its design space? How can this be a stable and future-proof approach? Does this mean that Asobo is now "locked-in" for all future to keep these add-ons working, or risking making lots of customers (and add-on developers) angry? Or that these add-on developers will have to constantly modify the very basics of their products as MSFS evolves and the "loopholes" of unspecified corner case behaviour they possibly have taken advantage of go away?
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First, Asobo is under no obligation to lock-in anything, much less a non-standard aircraft. I don't believe they would think twice about these chopper-type SimObjects.
Second, enabling work-arounds is almost the bedrock of FS developing since FS98 or earlier. This website was basically created to deal with work-arounds and poorly documented "features".
Third, I do believe 3rd party addons will need to be modified as the Sim evolves. We are all participating in a paid beta.
Just FYI... they are likely avoiding the mess that is the flight dynamic system in msfs entirely. This has been done by several devs, including us (unreleased) so we know it's possible to do.
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Just FYI... they are likely avoiding the mess that is the flight dynamic system in msfs entirely. This has been done by several devs, including us (unreleased) so we know it's possible to do.
Yeah, I am actually nowadays experimenting with that myself, too;) Not sure what I will eventually use what I learn for, but my experimentation is public: https://github.com/tml1024/flying-brick . If/when I start working on some add-on aircraft for real, it will surely not be yet another "normal" aircraft but something that is in some way special, and thus requires some amount of custom flight dynamics.