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I have googled, searched, probed, and browsed to the point that I keep having to empty my temp internet folder every few hours or so. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I cannot seem to find a place on the web that lists major runway or taxiway changesfor the world's airports either real-world or by flight sim platform.

I usually stumble across a changed runway number or completely new runway by chance when I fly in to or out of it. Once I do I immediately search for a current download or modify the airport myself. The VA I fly with is flying out of Madrid this weekend and I just discovered that the default 15/33's in FS2004 have changed to 14/32's and the taxiways are nothing like the real-world chart. Not surprising though.

So, I thought how great it would be if there was a thread (pinned to remain at the top of the list) where everyone could come and look for changes or post about changes they had discovered. I've done so many for both FS2004 and FSX that I'm sure I can't remember them all. Regions near the magnetic poles are especially susceptible to renumbering. I'll stumble back upon them one day. But for now, here's my list to get the thread started...and remember, the airports listed are as they appear in the default scenery. There are many addons that have also changed...

KDEN - New Runway (FS9)
KSNA - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)
KMSY - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)
KOAK - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)
KTWF - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)
KORD - Too many changes to list...just grab a chart and start building (FS9 and FSX)
KIAD - New Runway (FS9 and FSX)
KSEA - New Runway (FS9 and FSX)
PANC - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)
PABE - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)
PAFA - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)

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Remembered a couple more...

FHSH - New Airport (FS9 and FSX)
FAJS - New ICAO - FAOR (FS9 and FSX)
KCLT - New Runway (FS9...and I think FSX also)
KMSP - New Runway (FS9...and I think FSX also)

Most of the airports you list have already been fixed (at least for FSX) if you download Ray Smith's airports.

Many more by other developers such as AIG have proper changes they uploaded.
Hello Jim,

Yes, I know. This thread is not really a search for where I can download an update as much as it is a list of airports that have been "changed" in the real world.

Whenever I stumble on one that has changed I immediately go looking for a download that fixes it. All of the ones I have listed I have found a fix for or done my own using Jon's ADE9X. That's not the intended purpose of this thread, regardless of how it may sound. Each time I stumbled on an airport that needed changed, though, I found myself wondering "what else is out there that needs changed that I haven't discovered yet?" Alaska is a good example. Because of the proximity to magnetic north many, many Alaskan airports in flight sim, both FS9 and FSX, have incorrect runway designations when compared to the real world. I have fixed every one I have discovered with either a download or ADE9X, but I still happen upon one that is still wrong in flight sim simply because I didn't know I had to look for a download or change an airport with ADE9X if no download was available.

For instance, one of the VAs I fly with will soon be departing out of Madrid for Paris Charles DeGaulle, so I looked at LEMD to prepare and discovered the download I had for it still had the 15/33's even though they are now 14/32's. I rarely fly into or out of LEMD, but I am sure those who do so regularly already knew about the change. Those are the people I am reaching out to. Those who have knowledge of a new airport, new runway, or runway change. I don't necessarily need to know where a file is to fix a wrong number or new runway. I just want to see a list of airports that have changed and then go looking on my own or start fixing on my own with ADE9X.

That is the intended purpose of this thread and why I would like to have it pinned to the top. A one-stop place for all flight simmers to go to look for a list of airports that have been changed. No more "stumbling around" around necessary. Just "Oh, I see by this list that there is a new airport on St Helena Island, FHSH. I better go find a download (and there is one already for both FSX and FS9) or make my own."

Probably not making sense, but inside my head I know exactly what I mean...:)

Found a few more as I went through the VA flight schedule for this summer's European tour.

LKRP - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)
EBBR - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)

Couple more, even though no one else is contributing I hope this is helpful to those who like to "make things right".

KGPI - Glacier Park Int'l -Renamed from KFCA (FS9 and FSX)
KCRP - Corpus Christi, TX - Renumbered Runway (FS9 and FSX)


Several more

19A - Jackson Co - Renamed from 19A to KJCA (All FS versions + renumber runways)
55J - Fernandina Beach Mun - Renamed from 55J to KFHB (All FS versions + renumber runways)
Thanks for the post Jim. I better get to work on those. Here's another one I found this weekend.

BIKF - Keflavik Int'l, IC - Renumbered Runway (02/20 to 01/19) (FS9 and FSX)

Already made changes in both my platforms.

Also, just out of curiousity I looked again at the O'Hare (KORD) Modernization Program

I used ADE9X to remove the 14/32's, extended 09R/27L, and added proposed 09C/27C. Of course that is not supposed to happen until 2020, so mayyybbbeeee just a bit premature. I have it saved in a separate non-compiled folder just waiting...waiting...waiting.

Ray Smith has an excellent up to date as of Oct 15, 2015 FSX version and I made one for FS9 current as of the same date.
Found another one this morning. Ye gads, the changes seem to never stop showing up.

SPIM - Jorge Chavez Int'l - Lima Peru - ICAO changed to SPJC - FS9 and FSX

Thank you so much, Jon. I appreciate that. I just stumble on airports that need modified or added, so if others chime in this will be beneficial to a wider audience.

Thanks again.

I found out that there is missing airport is Burimunya, Western Australia (YBRY) served by Virgin Australia Regional. I already created scenery but I'll upload in avsim library sooner.


EDIT: Now is in Avsim library.
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Thanks Stuart. Good to see this thread continuing on. I've been focused on Alaska and North Canada. Tons of new runway numbers and "Gravel to Asphalt" changes.


EDIT: Just purchased ProKey and activated license. Time to get busy...
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I found that LATAM schedule serve missing airport is Jaguaruna, Brazil SBJA. I'm working on scenery processing now. It will release AVSIM library sooner.

I just found that I installed flight plans Air Transat. There is another missing airport for FS2004 in Panama. Rio Hato, Panama (MPSM) but there is a stock code MPRH now changed to MPSM. The runway was extended 8,036ft from 4,000ft something. I am working on progress create airport and will release in a few days.


I found there is another missing airport! I installed Austral Lineas Aereas flight plans. It shows up missing airport SANH now (SANR). Rio Hondo (Las Termas Airport) in Argentina. I will create scenery and upload in a few days later.


EDIT: Actually changed now to SANR not SANH was first so they changed it.
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There is another missing airport! I can't believe that I catch 3 airports in a week now. The airport is in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia (OEAO) . I installed Saudi Arabian flight plans that I found out missing airport. I am current create scenery but it takes a few days to complete to upload soon.


Thanks for contributing Stuart. Every post helps other simmers I hope.

I myself just completed the monumental task of updating 69 different airports in Alaska for both FS2004 and FSX, so a total of 138 updates. I used ADE9X with ProKey so I corrected elevations, ICAOs, and magnetic declinations in process. The list would take up far too much space here because there were so many due to Alaska's proximity to magnetic North. I did add (the 69th airport) the airport recently completed at Akutan, PAUT, on Akun Island for both FS2004 and FSX.

Passengers flying into the city of Akutan on Akutan Island near Dutch Harbor land 6 miles away on Akun Island and then get ferried to Akutan on either a sometimes dependable hovercraft or by helicopter. Peninsula Airways used to fly their Grumman Goose G-21 to the Akutan Seaport (KQA), but the dock they used was modified to accept the hovercraft that rarely is operational so PenAir dropped Akutan as a destination.

There is another missing airport in FS2004 in Medan, Indonesia (WIMM moved from old airport to new location) Old airport becomes WIMK now. I am current under construction scenery now. It was very difficult project but I made it through. It may be long time to upload due a lot of work project.

I found the news from that they have new airport opened last week in St. Vincent & The Grenadines (TVSA). I found the PDF in website airport chart is great! I will create scenery this week add new airport FS2004. I didn't know they have new airport!