Thread for Changed or New Runways

There is another missing airport in Huaian, China (ZSSH). For GenNext Airways flight plan installed and missed airport.

There are more missing in China airports are ZHSN, ZLDL, ZUPS and ZPWS from China Eastern Airlines FP found missing airports. I just created all airports but it takes a while to complete then upload to AVSIM sooner.

ZHSN = Shenenongjia Hongping
ZLDL = Delingha
ZUPS = Liupanshui Yuezhao (note FP has wrong code was ZLPF)
ZPWS = Wenshan Puzhehei (note FP has wrong code was ZUWS)


KTPA - Tampa Intl - it happened a number of years ago, but after FSX.

These have all had runway numbers changed since FSX came out too...

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Thanks for the update. Glad to see this thread is attracting some input. I have all six updated for FSX now, including AIRAC 1705 approaches, and have KTPA, KPBI and KFLL done for FS9. On to St Petersburg and then to England for the last two.

Thanks again.


EDIT: Okay, got them all done in FS9 and FSX. Throw some more at me. I know there are more out there.
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I have a lot of work to do my scenery FS2004 a lot more missing airports in Bolivia, Indonesia, China, Japan and Korea.

Some airports already there but some of these expand new terminals, runways are missing out there now mostly in China.

Haven't posted here in a while, but stumbled across KLWS, Lewiston/Nez Perce County Airport in Idaho...right in my own backyard. :)

Runway 08/26 is good, but runway 11/29 in both FS2004 and FSX is now 12/30.


Again, it's been a while, but big changes going on over at KORD. Runway 14R/32L which was renamed to 15/33 in June 2017 has "disappeared" to make way for construction to start on the new 9C/27C that should be completed in 2020. 15/33 has be renamed to Taxiway SS and several connecting taxiways have either been removed or renamed. You can read about it here...

Also, i flew in to KLAS today and realized the the 07/25's have been renumbered to 08/26's. Time to get cracking with ADE9X... ;)

I just deleted a HUGE rant about this post.... I realized how much I owe to Big777jet for all the efforts made to keep FS9 updated.... I give credit too to Ramjett53 (not sure what I've d/l'd of your work but thanks for the info)..... On that note, Ramjett53 you posted quite possibly the GREATEST AVIATION QUOTE I have ever seen "You never lose the buzz of flying. Every time you take off, if feels a bit naughty; as if you're doing something you shouldn't do." -- Matt Jones, Boultbee Flight Academy. I want to know more about this guy -- :) ... So lets make my post a anectode of appreciation to aviation both live and simulated. As a cheap plug, see my post of unusual taxiway rendering for an airport in FS9 (WICA).
I know you're probably just cataloging/building more substantial airports, but my home airport, KSUZ ( Saline County Regional ) was constructed after the release of FSX. It replaced M99 which has been decomissioned and is now a parking lot. I have created it using ADE a few years ago with accurate COMs and Nav Aids as well as ILS and RNAV approaches built using actual airport approach plates. I'm trying to get some custom hangers to work with it currently, but if anybody wants it I can substitute some generic hangers and send the BGL and Textures.