Tile server for sbuilderx march 2018

good day, friends happened to ask you if you have a server tiles of Google Maps recently since the page sbuilderx was reviewing and since last year have not posted anything about it. I do not know if everyone has stopped using the program and now they do their photoreal with other programs. I've also seen here in the forum but nobody has published a new server since 2017. in advance thank you very much for your help, I will be aware of your answers.
Hi there ... is it posible to add a new map server for us ? I am using SbuilderX 3.15 now. And it works quite good with P3D4.5 right now i think.
I Didn't do much with it yet, but at least it works on that downloading map tiles thing.
... but i don't have the nokia map as, someone posted it on a video couple of years ago.

I googled to find that nokia map and then i came across this wesite here: https://wego.here.com/?map=47.25492,28.45978,5,satellite
Please can we have something like this ?.... i mean LOOK how clean this map is, it's amazing !
Regards. ;)

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What happened to OpenStreetMaps in SBX315? Since December or so it doesn't work anymore. Is it just for me?