Tiled textures

I have created a very long hanger object, a part of which I would like to apply a repeating texture along the long horizontal length of it. I have just 1 texture for the whole object and would only like to use a small part of it(the texture) for the polygon on which I would like to have the texture tiled.
Is this possible to do or do I need to create a 2nd texture to use as a tile.
I noticed that it is possoble to tile using uvw mapping but I can't see how to map to a specific part of the tuxture. When I use uvw unwrap I cant't see how to make it Tile.

Any Thoughts?,


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You can't tile only a part of the texture. When you tile the texture it's entire horitzontal part will be repeated. I believe for UVW Unwrap this can be done by making the texture shape bigger then the actual texture (and therefore also repeating it thus), but when I want to repeat I usually use the UVW Map option.