Time-restricted scenery?

Hello, everyone. For the past few days, I've been thinking about something.

Is it possible, with the current software we have, to make a scenery file that APPEARS in-sim on a certain date/time then subsequently DISAPPEARS after a set amount of time?

Specifically, I was thinking something like the World Trade Center Tribute in Light. In real life, they are simply two giant beams of light that shoot up high into the sky, partially resembling but honoring the original Twin Towers. However, they are only turned on for a few hours at night on the anniversary of September 11 and stay off the rest of the year. I was thinking, would it be possible to make a scenery file resembling this, where it would only light up on September 11th and stay dormant the rest of the year? This may be a big question, but would it be possible?
I don't think you can specify date/time etc in an effect controller, but you can certainly do that in the XML/BGL that places the effect. This from the SDK manual:

effectParams= The parameters of the effect. For example, the following effect will appear at midnight on January 1st every year and exist for 20 minutes:

<Effect effectName="fx_ForestFire" effectParams="MOY=01,01;DOM=01,01;HOD=00,00;MOH=00,20;"/>

Note this is only for placing effects, not other scenery. For that you would need SODE.