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MSFS Toggle Panel Lights - Emissive textures

Hello there,

So I managed to create panel backlights using the emissive texture option in Blender,

The panels gauges have one MSFS Standard material that has a Albedo and an emissive texture. They are visible in Game thanks to the Day night cycle but I can't turn them on or off.

My question : How do I toggle the visibility of the emissive textures with the Panel Lights Switch that I already put in place ?

Sans titre.jpg

Screenshot of blender

Thanks in advance!
Hi Taog44. I think I was answering this in Discord, but here is a more complete solution idea. I like to post these here because this forum can at least be in search results when others are looking for similar solutions.

The problem with emissive materials in MSFS 2020 is that you have to control it at the object/node level and can't control it for everything that shares that material. That results in a lot of XML code to control every single object.

The best I can think of is to leverage a template and use minimal code for each object. Here's a template that has default parameters for a circuit that has to be on (i.e. the panel circuit or main circuit, whatever you need) and a potentiometer control for the brightness. I also added a dimming factor set to 50% because I find 100% emissive to be overly bright. Adjust this to taste.

<Template Name="Panel_Emissive_Template">
    <Parameters Type="Default">

    <Component ID="PANEL_EMISSIVE_#NODE_ID#" Node="#NODE_ID#">
                    <Code>(A:CIRCUIT ON:#CIRCUIT#, Bool) (A:LIGHT POTENTIOMETER:#POTENTIOMETER#, Percent over 100) * #DIMMING_FACTOR# *</Code>

<UseTemplate Name="Panel_Emissive_Template">
<UseTemplate Name="Panel_Emissive_Template">
Keep listing all the relevant objects using the same pattern. I haven't tested this in sim, but it's based on a similar template I was using.

For any objects that don't require animation, such as the gauge faces, you can join them together as one mesh in Blender to reduce the number of code lines that need to be added.

To make the emissive material in Blender, you specify a texture for the emissive texture and make sure the emissive color is not black. The emissive color will affect the brightness and tint of the final material.
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Hello Sal ! Thank you so much for your answer here and on Discord,

I will try to apply it and come back after I do my tweaking :)