Toliara Airport (FMST)

This is truly beautiful work. Keep it up. There has been a newly released repaint of Tsaradia Airways for the Carenado ATR 72-500 which will go well with this scenery. Thanks for this.


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Hello everyone,
The beta test phase can begin I would like to expand the team if you are interested please send me a private message. ;)
Great Job! On the first glance it is even a step up from Nosy Be. I am on my way now from Nosy Be in A B737 and I am surprised it takes almost two hours. Madagascar seems to be huge :)

Thank you! It is better than most of the payware that is offered these days.

Christian Bahr

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Hi Cédrice!

A big thank you from me for this beautifully designed scenery. Have (finally) been allowed to fly a small round there :)

So, first come to the airport ...

... and find a parking space

But then immediately on the apron and examine the plane

It starts on the way to the runway

View from the traffic pattern

Safe landing, happy pilot (and passenger) :)


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Hi Christian ! ,
I do not know if I should say very beautiful decor, but or in any case very beautiful staging and beautiful screenshots !
I made this decor with the heart and especially in full Blender a first.
The next scenery is already started and it is closer to Germany;)
And the airport a little bigger.
You will be more after the end of year celebrations but first I must wish you a good end of year celebrations to all