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Transparency alpha layer is....odd

hey everybody,
Ive been working on a hangar, and the bars that "hold" the roof on the inside are just planes with a texture and alpha channel. The bars are visible and the area inbetween them isnt. However, this works generally, but on the border of the bar and the transparent area, you can see straight throught the hangar to the sky (blue) or the ground. The attached picture shows hows the sky peeks through. I also attached the .psd file of the bars. Anybody know of this problem?
Any help is appreciated!


  • blue bars.JPG
    blue bars.JPG
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  • beam.zip
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I find it difficult to spot in your image. But could it be that you are just seeing part of the image there because the alpha channel is not fully accurate?
I don't see anything wrong in your PSD, but are you using DXT-3 textures? If so, you probably have the same problem that I ran into - see my thread in this forum about transparency mapped fences - it's called "X-ray vision problems", or something to that effect. Using a DXT-1 texture will fix the problem, but it won't look as nice as a DXT-3, since there's only black and white in the alpha - no grayscale for the antialiasing. As I mentioned in my thread, I was able to get an antialiased DXT-3 texture to work, by adding "zzz_" as a prefix to the texture's filename. This seemed to work in that one instance; I haven't tested it fully in other projects yet.

Another thing you might consider in your beam texture is to make just one section rather than repeat the pattern several times. That way, you could blow it up bigger, getting better resolution, and eliminating the empty space at the top and bottom of the image. When the 3D app repeats textures there's no VRAM penalty, but repeating patterns in the texture map is a waste of space. And that empty space at the top and bottom is using up VRAM in the sim, even though there's no content there.
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thanx mick,
I talked to arno and indeed when i made it DXT1 instead DXT3, it worked. Ill take a look into modifying the texture, will do next time, too much work for this one time, but thanx for the heads up!