Transparent textures

Hi !

I made a stairtruck with transparent windows (see picture below). If you look from one side through the windows polys of the oposite part are missing from the other side polys are visible but not all .............. :banghead:


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Hi Marijo,

I don't see your pictures (yet), but from the description this sounds like the normal drawing order problem.

This thread tries to describe the problem:

To solve it you need to control the drawing order somehow. I haven't used FSDS for a long time, so can't really say how it works there. But you could always tweak the API afterwards.


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Changing drawing order in FSDS is simply a matter of cutting a part and then paste it back in the scene.

ok, THX to both of you !
There was a little dark spot in my memory telling me something familiar :rolleyes:

Thank`s !