Transplanting Images on a Saved Scene?

Hey all, and you, GaryGB...

Quick question... The 'naming' of the files (work or images) has the location of the Earth coordinates in it.... Is it possible... to change ones background graphics to a new one and keeping the saved file without having to create an entirely 'new' scene and file? I will be backing this up tonight and doing a test to see if this will indeed work. Hoping it does. Wanted to see what others thoughts were on this. If..... this can be done, my 'existing' light maps I have already created should 'seamlessly' fit over the 'new' scenery imagery. :) (that would be nice and save TONS of time... )
Hi Bill:

IIRC, regardless of the actual tile server source for a set of selected Background Map imagery tiles, if the zoom level, Geographic extents, and selected tile mosaic elements used to create the 1-piece output L[?]*.BMP file is identical, that file output name is going to be the same.

So, in theory, if you found visible 'DAY' source imagery from a different tile server that you wish to use instead of your original tile server imagery, you 'should' be able to substitute it ...if you are very, very careful.

The *.INF file output by SBuilderX tells SDK Resample to use whatever file names SBuilderX itself has specified in a "Map" file set.

The input files utilized in SBuilderX as Seasonal / Night variations are entered by end users in the Background Map properties dialog.

Thus, if you are letting SBuilderX handle creation / updating of the *.INF file, as well as compiling BGLs via the SBuilderX GUI, you must have all the file names and their suffixes matched with each other as a "Map" file set.

Otherwise, you can edit the *.INF and compile to BGL manually with different file names for source files, provided that the 1-piece source file for each of the satellite imagery and mask files etc. have the same total pixel rows and columns, and are all the same resolution (meaning the pixel "size" or 'dimensions' when mapped onto the ground is the identical size in Meters or fractional meters), in addition to being mapped to the same Geographic coordinates.


It would be prudent to verify the 'new' imagery file set GIS parameter values using a GeoTIFF source file format via ex: Ollyau's GeoTIFFtoINF utility to create a new *.INF, then edit those new imagery entries into a copy of the existing *.INF created by SBuilderX


Alternatively, one must utilize a manually constructed 'custom' multi-source *.INF, which would be a more complex task. :alert:

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