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FSX Trees are back...

Hello again and hope all are having a better afternoon than I...
Week started by losing an airport I had finally freed it from the autogen trees that ORBX has on their FTX Global.
Has been an issue for over a year until last month I was able to modify the airport in question use in ADE.
I used Scruffy's Tree removal by excluding the default Airport Background with a terrain polygon overlapping part of its border.
Then, created a new terrain polygon by using the same tutorial... It worked and for once in the last year, I was able to fly to and from that airport tree free....
So, I modified the same third party airport I had before and using the very same steps...
Same original airport, same steps, different outcome.
Could threr be anything that i am not thinking of or doing...
Could the priority of the airports have to do with this?
At wits end...

Thank you again...


Resource contributor
Do you have ADE set to split the compile into two separate BGL files? If so, you need to make sure both of them are copied into active FS scenery folders.
Yes... I tried the tutorial and followed step by step and It worked... at least I think because for some reason it reverted back.
I did a complete de-install of the airport, ran it with the default SABE and installed again.
Went through the tutorials first with the new CVX.bgl and replaced both in scenery folder... No dice...
Tried without any CVX file... No Dice..
and Final with original.. No Dice.
The only way to get it to work is either without ORBX Vector or inserted just before the ORBX Vector which goes against all the ORBX Rules of Hierarchy....
Still working on it.. Like I said, it worked once....

Clean as a whistle....
Now, using exact same scenery config and files... Terrain between runway and both sides it full of large trees.
Notice all the city behin which is a companion install....

2015-5-27_11-53-2-823 - Copy.jpg


Resource contributor
The only way to get it to work is either without ORBX Vector or inserted just before the ORBX Vector which goes against all the ORBX Rules of Hierarchy....
Forget the ORBX Rules of Hierarchy. They are self-serving and certainly don't override the "Flightsim Rule of Hierarchy" which, simply stated, is:

Place any scenery you wish to see at a higher priority in your Scenery Library than the scenery you don't wish to see. Exclusions of any kind only operate "downwards".​

Even that doesn't always work, since ORBX doesn't always do things as you'd expect (not faulting ORBX; just relating experience). Then, your only option is to selectively disable the offending elements of ORBX's scenery.

Good Morning Don...
Appreciate the suggestions but I've been at this near a year and I've placed my airport at the top. The only thing I've been able to do is use ADE to suppress the trees with Scruffy's tutorial. It worked.. Once.
I am an Engineer and as an Engineer I try to search for the underlying cause thus being able to provide a solution for all.The issues of trees has been brought up many times in many forums with apparently no real solution.
It doesn't matter whose soft does what, the question is why and how to solve it... by design, that ends up improving products and helping all involved...
I wish i knew more about programming, but I don't. Give me an aircraft and I'll fix, modify, reverse engineer it, whatever...
Though ADE's solution worked once... I'm trying to debug why i cant repeat it. With all said though, they are ORBX Auto-gens that are showing and the only way I can get it to work otherwise, is by placing my airport first Under all the vector ad-dons by ORBX.
The point in Simming, has changed from just a game to a educational tool as well... and casual simmers as well as hopefully future real life pilots can benefit so much if we could figure out how to debug a BGL file (Reverse engineer it) and iron out the kinks.
So ... all this to say, that I am still where i am but have to use a bandaid method to do what it is supposed to do in the first place.

The great thing about engineering... It is a team effort.. Just trying to rally some support for a mutual cause.
As far as multiple threads on the same subject.... with all due respect to ADE and ORBX.... That is the nature of investigation...
I have only searched out all threads that are there to start with on the subject in the hope to stimulate some research and answers.
All my best Don..