Trees on the runway...and I'm out of ideas

I did a small airport for my current "flight", St Stephen New Brunswick (CCS3). The FSX version was pretty spartan. The main apron/buildings are actually much farther from the runway, and not surprisingly, the autogen was all over. I did what I"ve always done (an exclude everything poly, and flatten/mask/exclude background and then a landclass.

The apron parking area is fine, but at the NW of runway 32, there are trees on the runway. I did not adjust or move the runway. I also tried to add a golf course land class off the side of the eastern end of the runwy, but only the airport 1 landclass displayed--no golf course on the current fil I've tried several times with various polys, and always the same. My "exclude everything" typically is just a small triangle--I've extended it over the area. Odd that the parking area "took" but the runway end didn't

I've attached the AD4 file and screenshots. Wonder if someone would try the ad4 and see if the trees are there. If not, I guess I have something interfering (priority problems?)

FSX, GEX,UTX, REX--but no changes to any of these. Several others this week in the NB/Nova Scotia behaved as expected

ADE version 1.70.6042

Thanks in advance



no problem with trees for me Gary,
if you are running GEX.UTX and REX make sure these have not modified the stock airport files
if you are trying to add a golf course which is landclass on top of another landclass then i seem to remember you will not see it
but i may well be corrected here


Thanks much, this is exactly what I needed. A year or so I updated UTX,GEX and the reinstall was at the top of the priority list--lots of problems. I've not changed anything, but I can sort this out with a 1/2 at a time disabling....

Re the golf course. I placed the airport land class around the airport, then the golf course next to, not overlying, the airport land class. But I suspect that until I find the offending file, all bets are off

Again, thanks so much

Having the core group help us out is like having Shakespeare review a kindergarten play!!!