Trees on the runway for some of us

In ADE I am adjusting the former FSX-file for Gatow (EDUG) to use in P3D4, because we ‘re in a Berlin Airlift-event. I used a poly “Flatten Mask Class Map Exclude AutoGen” covering the edges of the field and on top a full Exclusion Rectangle. It works excellent for some of us, but a few users still has trees on de runway and other places and flattened autogen. We all place the scenery on priority 1. We all have ORBX Global an Vector and OpenLC Europe. The only difference is that the two with the trees has ORBX Germany. Could that be the explanation and/or is there a solution?
We all place the scenery on priority 1
I assume this means that all the EDGU scenery files are in the number 1 spot - top of the scenery list…specifically that the two with ORBX Germany have placed the EU Germany scenery below the EDGU scenery.

If that is so, you have obviously done every thing correct. If they are still getting trees on the runway, there are a couple of things you might try.

1 - In the latest version of ADE you can add a texture area that should overwrite any scenery textures below it. Try a polygon of what ever compatible scenery texture that does not include bushes or trees (any of the grass would do; dirt would also work, as will any of the rock or sand textures.), and see if that gets rid of the trees. A hint here is to draw the polygon directly under the runway if you do not want the texture showing at all. A second hint is to draw the texture (maybe concrete texture) so that it extends a bit wider/longer than the runway (maybe a foot or so) to give it a kind of runway edging look.

2. Break out SBuilderX and try the same-just the new, treeless texture poly. Put that scenery one above the EDGU scenery.

3. Not really a fix…you could ask the users to turn off the ORBX Northern Germany scenery.

BTW, have Northern Germany for FSX loaded - If you haven't already done so, I can take a look to see if this is also an FSX problem…just send me the package.
Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I will give it a go. I have tested the scenery with someone who has FSX, but it crashes his sim (due 32 versus 64 bit?) We now know that the scenery works fine with ORBX Germany turned off, so we can us it. But still I will continu to work on it.
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The FSX system crashes because you have compiled the scenery using the P3D compiler. There is no 64 bit P3D compatible software, so there is no 32/64 bit conflict.
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