Trees showing with their own background

I'm trying to use some trees that came with EZ Scenery from a bgl file called ABWtrees, when looking at the thumbnails with Library Object Manager they seem to have a black background which I thought it would be transparent but when I use them and fire up fsx they seem to have their own background and it really looks bad. Is this the way is supposed to look with these kinds of objects?


ABWTrees by David Grindele is a legacy format pre-FSX set of tree scenery objects which uses older methods of encoding transparency.

Be sure to read "ABWtrees license.txt", and assuming this project is freeware, if you import this 2- BGL set into Arno's MCX and export them into FSX format MDLs and convert the textures to *.DDS format, they should be automatically updated by MCX using "Set Default Transparent" Material parameters for mapped textures encode transparency correctly for FSX / P3D.

The resulting MDLs can be compiled into a FSX format scenery object library BGL using Arno's Library Creator XML. :)

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Hi GaryGB,

I am also interested in this ABWTrees and tried to find them. There is at one EZ Library for download. Inside I found only one ABWTrees.BGL. Where could the second BGL be?
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Thank you Gary,

First I found EZ-Library at an elderly package '' but I think this would be the same as at EZ_scenery_library.