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FSXA Trees

Hello group,

For my airport project I need alot of trees placed at the airport. I was working with autogen trees landclass but they are to sparse. (full autogen selected in the sim). If I would place trees from the FSX library, would they change with the seasons to?
thanks for the feedback.
I think they should, as the seasons are defined in the textures of the model as far as I know. But take care, they could affect performance on a high term if you include a lot of them (at least that's what I've experienced on my projects)

No they wont.

You can use the annotator to place a much higher density of trees by placing small squares close together. But ground polys might exclude some so beware.
hello group,

Below a picture of what I have now, on the right the autogen trees are there, but on the left it's horrible, I created 4 Polys airport backgroud mask class map, but now it's showing the default airport background. Sorry for my laziness, can someone point me to a human readable explanation of all the excludes that exists?
thanks again for your support :)

It's showing the landclass on the left you mean. You are excluding the airport background...
yes on the left you see 3 excludes, the 4th exclude is on the lower right. I just want them to show the autogen trees at these locations, but since at particular on the left side alot of the default airport is placed by FSX, I need to know how to exclude these locations and only show the taxiways + poly created aprons, the rest should be autogen trees defined by polygons (landclass, conifer boreal forrest)


Resource contributor
I don't think I'm fully understanding what you're saying, but if you make a "Exclude General" with the "Airport Background" tag and with that cover the area without trees -so the actuall taxiways, aprons, hangars, etc.- the autogen should appear just outside of the Exclude (see this article). And to create the area where you do want these autogen trees you should, as previously stated by Shaun, use the annotator. For that you might want to read this PDF made by Microsoft, link

And just out of curiousity, is that Kleine-Brogel AFB?
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yes it's the idea to do a keebee. Thanks for the info, now I think I know what I'm doing wrong. Will try again.