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Trouble with Pivot Axis.

I had this all working before so I know I messed something up or Changed a setting in Blender.

My Rudders are at a forward angle.
I have adjusted the Object Local Axis to the angle I need.


But when I go into start added Keyframe the part Does not rotate along the Axis.
It just "pivot" around the axis point


I have over Parts (ailerons, flaps) working and rotating along one axis but I don't want to mess with them as they are working.

These "new" or modified parts do not work the same way

any idea what I have done?
No idea what you've done but in a situation like this I would add a box at the position of the rudder. Rotate it back 10.7 degrees on the X axis and then test it on the Z axis to see if it rotates correctly. If it does then I would merge the rudder into the box and in edit mode I delete the box.

Sometimes in Blender things don't rotate how I expect them to. I don't know if it's a me problem or a Blender problem but rather than waste time trying to figure it out (and failing) I just start again with a new box, check it rotates properly and then merge the old part into the new box and delete the box in edit mode. The old part then takes on the rotation of the new box.
What is the value of Transform pivot point ? (the icon just at right of Menu Local which is selected).
It seems to be : "Individual origin" ...
It was a user error,caused by working on this project!

I had rotated the local orgin to match the part.
BUT I locked down the X and Y this caused it to rotate only on the Z axis.

It need to be able to move in XYZ to look right

Thanks for trying but sometime I can't be fixed