Trying to Create stand numbers on the taxiway.

Hello all,

I am attempting to create one of those stand numbers that you see whilst on the taxiway. (I don't know the name of it):

I decided to create the numbers with the Custom Ground Line tool. The trouble with this is that I don't know how to resize it with the Ground Poly editor, as I want to make the numbers smaller in size, although I feel like a bit of an idiot not knowing this.

Or maybe am I doing it completely wrong? Is there an easier or better way of doing this? It's the numbers that I struggle to make, as I can't seem to reshape them or resize them when in the Ground Poly editor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Acerazus, GP Lines don't seem appropriate. Such numbers would normally be drawn using GP Polys with the numbers in the associated texture. The user manual contains detailed instructions.
I'm travelling at the moment and will be until next weekend. If this "hint" is not sufficient, someone else will have to help you in the interim.


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Create a GP poly the size you want the final numbers to be. Then fill the rectangle in the GP Editor with the desired numbers.


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These may not be complete for your project, but I created them for a couple of large airports. You should unzip the folder then copy the contents of each of the two folders into the corresponding folders in your MSFS folder under the latest version of ADE that you are using.

You will then need to go into the Tools Menu of ADE and select GP Texture Editor. Select each file, e.g. gp_text_a_b and set uniform to No. Position in List is the only other field that is needed in here. If you are about to spend many hours putting numbers on the taxiway-apron paths, I put them near the top of the list. You can move them later.

If you find I have missed something off that you need, and you have something like Photoshop, then open the file in the Textures_dpy folder and copy any entries to create new ones. Once completed, save. Now open imageTool and open the file you just worked on. Change the format to DXT3 or 5, then go to create mib maps. Once completed, save this file in Textures, NOT Textures_dpy.

Use something like Google Earth Pro to measure the approximate size of the signage on the ground, then create a custom Helper Shape of that size. When you select the Create Custom Ground Poly and select the gp_text_a_b or any other file I've provided, you simply select the numbers you want, put in a background texture and size if you need it and select OK.

I think this is a Pro Key feature - but well worth the money - is that having selected you Helper or even the GP Poly you have created, pressing the Alt key whilst rotating the roller on your mouse (assuming you have one of course), the angle of the text can be adjusted without having to go back to the GP Poly Editor.

I hope that covers it for you.