P3D v4 Trying to do Bones and Skinning on a Pilot

The above 'settings' panel is for importing Characters into 3ds Max that have bones (rigging) already done to them.

Note that Bone Creation is set for 'convert as dummy'. That is where I went wrong. Mine was set to leave as Bone. Doesnt work. Your Character crumples up into a mess when you import him otherwise.
Got Malcom from Adobe in the scene, trying to export him. Mesh isnt showing up. :S (Not like this has never happened... sigh.. )

I had to scale him down, used the primary base target item to scale him. When I tried to reset all bones, the entire thing appeared to blow up and hold that shape. (Something like a scene from The Expanse). I was able to back out of that event and tried to see if I could just export him after being rescaled. That might be what is going wrong.

There are about 6 or 7 textures to him, all converted to pure P3D textures with Skin setting ticked and textures converted to DDS format. Using the 'Export Skin' option ticked in the P3D compiler. I need to figure out how to reset scale on this person.

Christian Bahr

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Got Malcom from Adobe in the scene, trying to export him ... There are about 6 or 7 textures to him, all converted to pure P3D textures with Skin setting ticked and textures converted to DDS format. Using the 'Export Skin' option ticked in the P3D compiler. I need to figure out how to reset scale on this person.
Unfortunately the malcom does not work as a skinned mesh object in P3D. The poor guy has too many body parts (no, guts are not meant). Meant are the hair, pants, shoes, body. And he has relatively many textures. That is not advantageous. Advantageous for the P3Dv4 export is a character consisting of a coherent body (1 mesh) and as few textures as possible. Ideally, a P3D avatar has 1 mesh and 1 texture. Like the source files of the avatars you downloaded.

I remember someone back in the FS2004 days having a scarf. At good speed, it was flipping about like lightning...
This might appear to be disturbing. Please, if you are easily disturbed by experiments on virtual bodies, DO NOT LOOK...!

"Captain... I'm afraid we had a little mishap in the transporter room.... "

Progress this evening...

Took my Model in Poser, got him into the stock T position (finally, kept trying it manually, kept trying to figure out how its done. Found the secret key). Exported him to Max (again). Redid all textures to my 'single sheet' texture (remapped by moving and scaling all UVW's to fit on new single texture). Went well. Saved, standing in T layout. Exported as FBX. Uploaded to Mixamo.com, set joint locations, fingers, then downloaded it back. Installed into Max. Working good. (Must use Import Bones as Bones, not Dummies). Exported without any animations... WORKED!!! Visible.

I changed Material to P3D material, set it as 'Skin' material. Used Skin option ticked in the export options for V4 export system. Shows up fine in V4.

This morning, continued trying to map Eric and also Malcom to have a single texture as I figured it might cause issues. Cloned Elements of their mesh to parts. Redid all the UVW's. (A LOT OF WORK) and then collapsed stack, attached to the Skin Mesh, deleted original Element.. and... 'Captain.. . I am afraid we had another Transporter Accident'.. Head was about 2 or 3 feet long, caught in a temporal light speed blurr type of blob thing. Horrible... Quantum hair dryers (blow dryers) can be very dangerous near UVW magnets...

So next, take a break, then animate his head with rudder command and test in the sim.

When I go into skin mode and click on a bone, I do not get any of the bone looking commands. This must be a good thing. Bones are also managed like bones. Move one and you move the mesh as well. Very nice... First progress in a week where the mesh is right and animations and bending are all working fine.

Have to bend him into his seat next after the rudder test. :S Hope that works well.

Thanks Christian for the advice on Mixamo.com That place is brilliant. So crazy to see my pilot dancing around, his animations working fine. Nice....!
Bent up Tim into his new seat of his new plane... And Voila... Animation works, right amount of vertices working.

I must also tell you that I think all parts need to be sealed up. No open edges or ends. I was seeing this in tutorials and wondered if that was needed. Yesterday, I had issues with Max constantly crashing when I had bones in the figures. I believe that is what caused it. I cut out the body of the pilot above except for his hands and neck, head. The body is all one part, including clothes and sunglasses, etc. So I had to go into the sections in Element mode, over to Polygon mode, delete out the un-see-able body area's, then put in end-caps on all open parts, including some that Poser didnt make, like the collar opening, sleeves, pant endcaps, etc. None of those were sealed. I extruded the neck area so it didnt have a visible endcap around his neck (as it did when I first did that. Extruding it got it away from his neck area. Buried down in his chest. Cant see it, so no problems. This was done 'before' I uploaded to Mixamo.com).

I redid the animation to his head to rudder. I used aileron control (stick l / r) by mistake. Now to do rudder pedals animations, throttle animations, and somehow, control stick animations, and I am good to go.

I wish I had a SK 'thing' on his hands so that I could move them more easily. Do not want to jinx the project with trying to add those. Would make animating the hands and arms a bit easier. So dang glad this is now working. My goodness, what a trip this has been. Mostly all with failing bones in the skin area's. So much has been learned.

Your bones 'should' be set to the widths of your parts, like arms and legs. That way you are sure they grip the right amount of vertices. Or use Mixamo....!! Lovely design engine.

Doing the arm for throttle animation and when his arm is back, I have a serious distortion of his elbow area. In 3ds Max, he is fine, though it does become a bit funny looking, slightly odd, distorted. But in the sim, it looks fractured.

This is in the sim with full throttle and zero throttle. Zero throttle, elbow back rearwards, you get the fracture. KF50 is where its fine.

Here is Tims wonder arm in Max..


Forward (full throttle) is ok. Shape is fine in the sim as well as here. Still a slight bit twisted.


Above, it is full back and showing a bit of twisting. Maybe the twist is what did this. I tried to turn his wrist and had to turn his arm as well.
I'll give that a go.
I have a problem, Christian. The arm is deforming in P3D. :(

I tried re-animating on its axis using 'Local' as the gizmo rotation. I reset the angles and re-animated the zone, but it appears that a distortion refuses to go away.

No idea how to fix this. Totally new territory.