P3D v4 Trying to understand about adding lights and BTW "Happy New Year"

Been struggling for weeks. First of all..most of these are AI's. Most planes are missing lights (maybe because of P3dv4.. I look at the aircraft cfg and maybe its list 6 switches with lights attached...Say there are no "5" for landing lights but I have lights under the wings but the hierarchy shows the as "beacons" (unless I change them to landing lights? or can I add 2 lights for landing as I have done in the picture. They show up in hierarchy with an attached effect except do I add visibility to the "effect"? Say "General Lighting".

Lights 7/8, the datum copied from the beacon under each wing in the center. since it was under wing? The numbers btw in the cfg are no where near the same numbers in the Attached Object Editor. Henk was talking about adding lights on the fly. Is he copying the numbers from the aircraft cfg into the attached object editor in position?
The best I have got so far is 3 blue lights on the aircraft that stay on. So I am trying to wrap my head around this.

1-If you add a light/does it need an effect to go with it (using the same datum info in the "object editor") or does MCX automatically assign an "attached effect"
2-This is a FS 2004 model...can I use shockwave effects if listed in the effects folder in P3Dv4.
3- My BoundingBox looks ok but plane won't taxi..just sits there but will show up in Super TrafficBoard flying
4-Any way on AI's to trigger taxi lights to come on when it starts up/ or landing lights to come on when landing without lights just staying on all the time. I know you can set strobes or beacons with Dawn/Day etc.

For all my work for weeks on this, this is all I got 3 blue lights and a plane that won't budge......:)

I will never complain about the price of working aircraft "payware" ever again. This working airplane is just not available anywhere I can use the Piedmont textures.
Bob M.
I hope I am not the only one out here that is trying to figure this out too.