Turn and slip ball

Hi people,

I'm struggling with a bit of code and wonder if somebody can help out.

I need some code that will work with a MODELLED gauge in FS9.

The old "flat" XML gauge for a turn/slip ball works correctly but I want to make a modelled ball work the same way.

I.E. in a banking turn, the ball rolls with the bank, apply rudder in the direction of the turn and the ball should return to centre glass.

Also, on the ground, the ball should roll in the opposite direction to the rudder input.

Anybody know how to code this correctly for a modelled gauge?

FSX code for SP2 turnslip ball doesn't produce the correct result in FS9

Hey there Baz,

Not sure if this will help or not...I haven't attempted to do any 3D VC gauge modeling.
For a regular XML gauge, "Turn coordinator ball" is the equivalent to the C "TURN_COORDINATOR_BALL" token. Would that be useable in your part animation?
This token is workable in FS9...check the default Baron CAB for how MS used it.
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G'day mate,

Not sure really. When we use the XML as is, but calling for the modelled geometry part, it screws up and will only animate the ball one way or the other. It just won't return the ball on rudder input.:(
The XML token should return a value of negative 1 to positive 1, center is zero.
Is your TC ball keyframe animated or ???. If keyframed from 0-XXX, I think you might be able to do some math to get things animated in the range you're looking for. I.E, scale that -1--0--+1 value to 0-100 (or whatever the keyframes are) and use 50 as the center point.

This is about all I remember about animation from when I was dabbling with gmax on the old FDG bird updates...and that was long before we could do all this fancy modeled gauge stuff. :)
Thankyou Bill, I will try this too. I have tried so many codes that I am now confused!

Most work the ball OK in a bank but do not recentre the ball when rudder pressure is applied, as it does in the real thing.