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Tutorial: Approach Legtype Definitions and Attached Picture

I am having a bit of a problem with the Missed Approach legs of MPBO. The VOR/DME (BDT) is at the airport slightly off-center.

The arrival runway is 26 (262) and the missed approach leg (first) is climbing heading 271 to a point 8nm away from the VOR. Which leg would that be? I used "Missed Approach CF" but at its end it draws a turn to the left and I need it to be to the right.

Then the next MA leg is from this DME 8 point turning RIGHT to intersect course 104 but can't figure out which MA leg to use for that. I get ADEX to draw the turn to the left but it doesn't let me specify the direction of the turn, so it draws the leg away from the intended direction.


Its hard to visualize approaches and give answers without a chart to look at.

MPBO (Bocas del Toro) charts. I was trying to do GEMER ONE Departure as well as VOR DME Runway 26 with the approach designer but in both cases ADEX draws the turn to the left (runway heading and then left) rather than as depicted in the chart (runway heading and then right).
I would like to break down each section (legtype) we add so you can understand what each entry (attribute) is being used for.

The first thing we want to do is add what is called an Approach Header. You will see that the Approach Header has nothing to do with adding any lines to the GPS Receiver but it is more about what you hear from ATC when they are issuing vector to final approach instructions.

We select from the Menu Approaches |Add

A new screen pops up and allows us to edit the boxes


As it seems to me several pictures of your article are no longer available. Due to the complexity of the stuff I believe that it might be worth to find a way to renew the links.

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Thanks Axel

I was using ImageShack. They switched to a subscription based service and no longer offered free uploads. They lost some of my pictures when the change occured. I am using another utility and will look at replacing the missing pictures.

It's pure egoism as my few attempts to write approaches for my modified or even for new airports in ADE had been always a mess when it came to more complex routes. :rolleyes:
Unfortunately the stuff I'm writing at the moment is not at all compatible as I'm fighting against the limitations set by PMDG and their "approach grammar".
I just recently started - now, in Aug-Sept 2023 - using ADE, to enhance a few airports, and I love it so far

I'm using
Application 01.79.7475.29407
Engine 04.75.7475.29405
FSUPIC (if it matters)
Win 10 Pro

in my ADE there is no "Approaches" menu

I'm adding on the runway ILS using the built-in Add > ILS feature, and so far works fine for me, with just one problem already mentioned here, the ATC won't see the ILS, as such won't direct me, the pilot, to use that ILS that I just added

so, my understanding is that I need to define an ILS approach, so the ATC will see it and direct me to use that ILS

how do I do that, how do I add the ILS approach, after I added the ILS on the runway?
on the same topic, how do I add the next one, the GPS approach?
then some of the others, of lower priority, VOR, NDB

side topic:
and, not least, for me, on a side topic, is there a newer better way to flatten the terrain?
I can tell that ADE evolved and it was improved over the years, so that's why I'm asking

in my ADE, I can't seem to find the terrain polygon creation, as I've seen in some other tutorials I could use
I can see the Add Custom Ground Polygon, but that doesn't do the flattening of the terrain unless it does and I don't know how

thank you in advance
oh, yes, you are correct, I forgot about that view, mainly because I never used it, until now

so, this is how I add and/or edit an approach? I'll try it ASAP and figure out how it works

thank you very much for pointing it out to me, it was under my nose, now I feel silly... hehe... I can't wait to get to work and try it...

another side topic question, can we add a new Weather station on the map? it's not really a pressing issue to me, but I'd just like to know if there is a feature for that...

thank you again