Type of colors in Colors.txt

Maybe a stupid question but are there any differences between the colors defined in colors.txt where I can see different names for color and effect name but equal RGB, Umin, Umax, Vim, Vmax?
For example:
App-White | C0C0C0 | 0.25 | 0.50 | 0.75 | 1.00 | fx_AFLT_App-White
Rwy-White | C0C0C0 | 0.25 | 0.50 | 0.75 | 1.00 | fx_AFLT_Rwy-White

Do I obtain the same result using, for example, App-White instead of Rwy-White inside the .def file?
I noticed that the related effect files are not identical but I do not know if the differences are significative in the scenery also because I'm not experienced in making effects modifications. So how can I choose between them simply looking into the Colors.txt file? I found this problem because in the .def file I created using preceding AFLT version I used color codes that know are deprecated and I would like to substitute them.


Resource contributor
The reason for the two colors is so that users can have, for example, a slightly different light (longer range in the current version - or, different shade of "white") in those two applications. But there is no restriction on their use, i.e., feel free to use "App-White" in any application for which you want that color (RGB) light.
OK thanks, I did not think to any restriction in use of one kind of color instead of the other, but only how to understand the difference between them