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P3D v4 UGMS - Mestia (Georgia) [v1.1 released]

Hello together,

I want to introduce you to my first project. I went there for vacation two times now and I am in love with the area and the whole country. Flying there is really a great experience! Unfortunately the area gets no attention in terms of add-ons so I am forced to try it myself... and that's why I am here...

UGMS Mestia is a small airport in a mountanious village in Georgia. The airport was newly built in 2010 and it even made it to the 10 most beautiful airports list of the BBC (LINK).

I just started with scenery design and it is really not easy to know where to begin... A while ago I started with ADE, since UGMS is not included in FSX or P3D at all. So I started with a basic AFCAD file and was already happy with it. But after I was there this may and actually flew there (and now know how to navigate) I want more ...

I started with the ground image and it was not really easy to find a good one. I tried to blend it with the orbx FTX Global textures and I am quite happy with the result.

Since I am a total noob at modelling I asked someone to do the airport building for me. I think it looks great, I just have to find out a little more about the glass behaviour, right now it is little to transparent.

This is the view to the other side. Obviously there is a lot to do, but I just made the flag yet. In the background you can see some of the famous svan towers.

For anyone who is interested: HERE is Mestia Airport in Skyvector
I am making little steps forward. With many things I am happy already, with others not so much.

There is one military building which I have no pictures of. Although I was there in may it is really hard to take pics around the airport.

Whats new since last time:

  • Groundpolys and groundmarkings (Thanks to Austin Sass' tutorials).
  • The shed near the passenger apron
  • some little objects
  • The custom fence around the airport
  • Autogen
  • cleaned up the photoscenery
  • the svaneti towers around the city

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I just released my first version on AVSIM and flightsim.com


The version is for P3D only but I am looking into a FSX-Version also. Some interested user converted the scenery (at least parts of it) to FS9 and will upload that later also.

This is version 0.8 as I plan to add some more features in the future. But first I have to learn some new techniques:

  • seasonal photoscenery (right now only summer)
  • seasonal textures
  • animations
  • eventually a sloped runway
  • improve the terminal building (more details, interior modelling)
  • few more POIs and buildings in the village
  • 3d gras
  • better textured groundpolies





P.S. Is someone aware of some good freeware libraries, that are available for fellow freeware developers with some little objects?

Great little airport you have created there. Thanks for sharing.

There are lots of little object libraries that are freely available scattered all over the internet.

Here are a few to head you in the right direction. Apart from these if you use google with different search terms you will probably find more. A tip, google will usually come up with no result or error if you use a .zip or .rar extension in the address bar, so if you get to that stage of searching for a particular file just use the file name minus the extension.


File names EZ_1.zip and RWY12_1.zip. Use the Flightsim.com "filename" search term to find these two packages. You will probably also find other libraries on Flightsim.com. Search the "FSX Scenery Objects" section from the new search page.


Avsim also has lots of libraries and objects.

Search for "Objects" and other similar terms in the "Flight Simulator X - Scenery Design" and "Flight Simulator X - Miscellaneous" sections. You can also do more specific searches on these sites and others for static cars, static aircraft etc.


Another little tip. Making small objects such as different bins, small buildings, cones, markers, etc, etc can be a good way to learn the ropes of modelling and texturing. There are many programs such as Gmax and Blender that are free for modelling, and GIMP is a good free graphical editing program for texturing. There are also many sources on the net for textures, such as texture websites, and photos you can manipulate to make textures if you don't have first hand photos to work from.

Thank you sharmes für your kind words and your tipps. I will definitely have a look at them!

Here I took a video of one of my approaches into Mestia, enjoy. If you are bored of the entire approach, the final starts around 07:00

A long time after the initial release (which was version 0.8) I have now released the version 1.0 which comes with some enhancements. Unfortunately not all features I initially hoped for made it in this version but I am happy with it anyway.

- seasonal photoscenery (summer, autumn, winter, spring)
- new objects (church, museum, ...)
- animated windsocks (with FlightPort Library)
- optimized terrain
- optimized terminal building
- fixed flickering of fence
- P3D native groundpolys

The new version can be downloaded here:

Last few weeks I have been working on a big update for my old Mestia scenery. Now it is fully compatible with P3Dv4 and brings some additional features:

  • volumetric grass
  • 3D people around the airport
  • internal modelling of the terminal
  • terrain optimizations
  • adjusted and optimized photoscenery
  • SODE controlled windsocks
  • etc...