FS2004 ULE - Exporting animated parts ( Gmax)

I am preparing my hierarchy for exporting. I don't want animation in the first of the "LOD" exports but the root of the animation is linked to the fuselage. How would I place my animated parts into a later export but still have it linked to the fuselage, which went out of Gmax in the first export?

Hey Doug,

It might work.

If you export different sections at a time, if the fuselage is part of an LOD and the parts linked to it are in the same LOD, and you export them separately, I 'think' they will still be linked to the fuselage in the sim as they are written as being linked to the fuselage in their Hierarchy.

You'll have to experiment on that to make sure it works. I think it would. But if they are not attached in Hierarchy, then they will not be in the sim either.