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P3D v4 Unable to export MDL because of "MCX.dll issue - probably due to use of "," as the decimal seperator"

Hi everybody,

just as written above: I am not able to export to a mdl file. I have checked my settings inside WIN10 and the seperator is set to ".", therefore as point instead of comma. Nevertheless it does not work. Any idea how to solve this?


Resource contributor
The available info is a little skimpy. You've reported an error message initiated by MCX, but we know nothing of the state of SAMM. Why don't you first tell us what you are trying to do when the error occurs, what you've done prior to the error and give as link to the aircraft so that we have a chance of duplication your situation.
Okay, sorry.
A picture paints a thousand words :)

That's what I got and that's what I know about it so far:

All settings are default, just to see if I can compile a static aircraft generally...


Resource contributor
I can reproduce your situation. But. when I load the aircraft, SAMM issues a message stating that the model may be too complex to convert. Did you not get that message? If you did, then you shouldn't have been surprised at the subsequent MSC-initiated message (and perhaps you should have told me about it in your first post)

Since PV4 will display FSX-vintage aircraft, why do you need to convert? Just use the FSX model saved by SAMM
Yap, the 'too complex to convert' message appeared, but with additional that the model will compiled properly anyway. That's what I did trust in.

Regarding my converting intentions, I need to get a static aircraft shown in front of my detuner that will be controlled by SODE.
No, just got a P3D version.
Doesn't matter - meanwhile, I used MCX to convert it into a Gmax readable format. With Gmax, I can add several GSE stuff to it and finally export it into a mdl format. That works fine.

Thanks for help.


Resource contributor
If you don't check the FS9 or P3D boxes, then SAMM will generate a FS model (since that's what you are starting with.