FSXA Unexpected time changes

I don't remember this effect happening months ago but I recently noticed a curious effect happening whilst using the Flight Plan Editor - see pics.




You will see that I enter the 1st line as required and click Save Edits.
I click on Add Leg, a new line appears but the 1st line times have changed?
I enter new times into line 2 and click on Save Edits but the 1st line times change back to my original times.
Is this the normal/expected behaviour or can I be doing something that I didn't used to do? The temporary time change seems to reflect the 'Sit Time' that I work to. The temporarily altered Departs value is the same as gets put into the Departure Time just above.
I can live with it but it is a curious thing to be happening.


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Curious it is. It's obviously a transient situation but, nonetheless, shouldn't happen. I've had to do some work in this area recently to address opther issues. perhaps i briooke something.

It will be fixed in the next development release.



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I may have to take back my promise to fix, 'cause I am unable to dupiicate. What version of AIFP are you using? If not 3.2.01(l), please download that from http://stuff4fs.com and try again.

If you experience the issue is in3.2.01(l), please send me your aifp.ini file so that I can emulate your system.



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raymk, since you've been active in other threads, can I assume the issue you reported earlier does not exist in the latest development release?

EDIT: Just checked my change records (since your issue "rang a bell") and found that the issue has already been fixed in a 3.2.01(_) development release and will be so noted in the Version History of the later development releases.
OK updated to 3.2.01(l) as suggested.
Flight Plan Editor -
create 1st line - all OK - flight 09:00 to 10:18
add leg - NO CHANGES to 1st line BUT suggested departure time is 06:48. (I have 30 mins. sit time set.)


When he created a second leg, AIFP suggested a departure time of 06:48. With a 30 minute sit time I would assume AIFP would suggest a departure time of 10:48, 30 minutes after the plane's arrival in the first leg?
Sorry if I was not clear - Tom has read it correctly - I would expect the Departure time to say 10:48 like it did in my previous version.


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It only happens if you have local time selected - and its been around for a while.. I've just posted a development release that fixes it.