Uniform shading across entire object

Hello! I encountered a problem in GMAX awhile ago and have ignored it hoping that I would find an answer some day in one of the forums. Well, now I am starting to wrap up loose ends in my scenery and I must take care of it...

I am having a problem with a the shading of a cylinder I created (used the "slice from 180 degrees to 0 degrees" during creation) and skewed. The entire surface is shaded uniformly. It may be totally dark, totally light, or somewhere in betweeen depending on the time of day. I checked the normals in GMAX and sure enough they were way off. After experimenting with the way I created and modified the object, I determined the normals get messed up when I skew the object. I tried both the skew modifier and just dragging the vertices of one end down. Both have nearly the same effect.

After looking on TurboSquid's forums, I noticed that some FS aircraft designers used the Mesh Smooth modifier. I did try this and it almost helped, but it only corrected one tiny part of the shading problem.

I have attached two pics below of the cylinder (it is the top part of the luggage chute that is skewed down) during different times of day. Note that the cylinder that is not skewed at the top of the chute is shaded correctly.

Thanks for your help in advance!



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Long shot....

Try Welding the vertices on that object and then applying the smooth modifier. It *may* work.
Ah... good point. I didn't even think about merging the half cylinder on top and the box on the bottom. I did that on one of my gates and it worked, even without the mesh smooth modifier. Unfortunately, I messed with the mesh a little bit more to "tweak" it, re-populated one concourse with the new luggage chutes and after starting FS realized I over-tweaked the mesh. Too bad I saved my gmax scene at the wrong point. :banghead: Now I've got to rebuild it all over. Thanks for the help! I'll let you know if I have any more troubles with it.
I saved my gmax scene at the wrong point
DOH ... that's why i started saving with revision numbers. That way you can go back several versions if the need arises. When you're all done.... keep the good one.