Unify normals/shadow problem

Hi all,

During my work with updating a few of my old FS9 airports for FSX I´ve encountered a small (?) problem. I´m building new trees for the sceneries with FSDSv3.5, compiling them to MDL files with MakeMDL and tweaking them with MDL Tweaker 2.0.266. After that I use Library Creator XML and Instant Scenery to get the trees out in the FSX environment. That far there are no problems; the trees rotate to user and show seasonal textures just like I want. The only problem is in the shadowing; the side facing the sun has a brightess matching the autogen trees while the opposite side is much to dark. The autogen trees show the same brigtness from all directions.

Which of these behaviours looks most correct could be discussed but as autogen trees are what they are I want my own trees to behave like them!

I know that the solution is to be found in the vertex list but I just don´t know which values should be changed. I´ve tried several variants without success.

There is an old thread on this topic (from 2006) further down this forum but I couldn´t see there what changes solved the problem for him who started that thread.

Any ideas someone?

Erik Björnwall


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Hi Erik,

Not sure if this has changed in FSDS3.5, but for FSDS3.0 you would have to specify a different normal direction than the one used for GMax models. You can set these in the options of MDL Tweaker. (they should be 0.0 1.0 0.0, instead of 0.0 0.0 1.0 then if I remember correctly).