FS2004 Unlimited Export Success!!

Greeting Gents. I'm happy to say The Unlimited Export has worked for me!!

I started to develop this Firefly nearly 2 years ago with almost no knowledge of Gmax, Makemdl, Lithunwrap. Coming through all of that with some very gracious assistance from Milton Shupe, I stumbled upon Bill Ortis raving about this Unlimited Export technique that rendered huge poly count and no frame hit! By the time I had found this, I was getting close to the poly limit. Bill assured me it was ok to start detailing away til my heart was content. After a few months of detailing the cockpit section well beyond the limits, I read and re-read Bill's tutorial, and pestered him until one day, the exports began flying out of Gmax!

One slight problem encountered, the animation was off in a few places. It seemed random, but only the exterior parts. I seemed to have solved this by exporting a few animations on their own LOD. Voila!!

Another thing that was pointed out to me after Bill looked at my Gmax model, both of us trying to figure out the fix for offending animations, I have been using naming tags such as Wingfold_A, wingfold_B on some parts when the single digit numbers ran out ( 01-09), and it seems to have no effect on the rendering of parts. Using letters, instead of numbers. Everything exported proper without any thought that it wouldn't. Is this something new to established developers? Bill thought I should mention this.

Well in my opinion, this is the beginning of something new, and great for FS9!

Here are some teaser shots. Still have some paintshop work to do, but look at the fine detail as in the small antenna, and the treads in the tilres, the thin framing over the navigator's seat, not crumpled!

Thanks again to Prop Trash and Luca for the technique, Bill Lionheart for the experiments and explanation, , n4gix for helping with my material error, and Milton Shupe for his wisdom, encouragement, and kindness. Developing models is soooo much fun!

BTW, you can follow my progress at the Sim Outhouse in General FS2004 forum. Look for thread " Doug Smith's Fairey Firefly"

Cheers fellas, updates to follow

Doug Smith


Congrats Doug!

That was odd to see that you were using Letters instead of Numbers on your Animation tags in Gmax and that they were working. Very interesting.

You can name Animations up to perhaps 200. I name my landing gear sections up to 100, with some assemblies starting at 20 for secondary gear arms (hydraulic rams, etc), and doors starting at 70, such as r_gear_71 for the RH inner gear door on the exterior model, (back when I did separate exterior and interior models where the parts must not match).

That is why I think there is a bug in the Gmax version of the Unlimited Export process. The same 'parts' with same numbers or letters on the same platform, such as Firefly.X and Firefly_interior.X are causing malfunctions in FS in the exterior models. When they are separated by LOD numbers (Firefly_200.X and Firefly_500.X) then they tend to function without issue. Also, they usually work in the platform till you reach a certain amount, and 'then' they start malfunctioning. I wish I could figure out the 'exact' cause of number of animations where this begins to trigger. Really odd...